Interview with Mr Roland JP Zimmer

Mr Roland JP Zimmer
Mr Roland JP Zimmer
Zimmer America Corporation
Zimmer America Corporation

So, what traits prevail in global machinery market, nowadays?

The whole textile and non woven industry is moving towards complete system solutions rather than individual machinery purchases. With reduced engineering capacity due to internal downsizing at our customers’ end, the demands and expectations towards specialty and full service suppliers such as ZIMMER AMERICA keep raising and ZIMMER is rising to the occasion.

Given the state of the industry, what are the company's key attributes and strengths?

Giving that full system solutions approach to our customers and backing it up with first class customer service after the initial sale is the key to the success of ZIMMER AMERICA. “We service what we sell” is not tenet chosen lightly. It has been the condensed “mission statement” of ZIMMER AMERICA since ever. This makes customers decide to work with ZIMMER rather than other suppliers who concentrate on sales only and do not put service and support first.

How will science of pricing play role in molding growth of this industry? And therefore, will China continue to impose threat on European players who are under pressure of high operating prices and squeezing profit margins?

The China threat is slowly dissipating because most European machinery makers have positioned themselves with production capacity in Asia or strategic partnerships for manufacturing in the Asian area. Innovations still takes place in Europe and to a smaller extend, in North America. There will always be “copycats”.

So, what future growth strategies will Zimmer Group route?

Continue service to textile core customer base, expand offerings strategically and with full system solutions approach, and concentrate on service, service, and service.

The importance of the environmentally conscious design (ECD) continues to increase. Isn’t it? How is your R&D wing been placed on this front?

North America is finally waking up to renewable energy; ECD and closing the loop to make producers responsible to take post consumer products and recycle them back into the production process. Shaw Industries and Mohawk Carpet i.e. two of our large carpet customers are full vested in this and make investment decisions based on it. ZIMMER AMERICA works very closely with these and other companies in this area and will continue to recognize opportunities and keep growing our customer offerings as their demands expand.

Published on: 19/04/2010

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