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Interview with Andrea Pelissero

Andrea Pelissero
Andrea Pelissero
Sr. Sales Director

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Located near Milan, Italy, and with 50 years of experience in the textile sector, Brazzoli is a leading manufacturer of dyeing machines. Andrea Pelissero, Sr. Sales Director of Brazzoli, discusses how the Italian machinery market has fared amidst the pandemic, the way Brazzoli has adopted a more digitised work environment and the company's new product offerings to look forward.

What is the background of Brazzoli? How was the company formed?

Brazzoli was founded by our former founder Antonio Brazzoli in the early '60s. Like most of the Italian textile machinery manufacturers, the former founder family's name was given to the company which later became a brand name well-recognised in the worldwide market.

How much of experience Brazzoli has in overflow and jet sector for fabric dyeing?

Brazzoli has got more than 50 years' of experience and has always focalised in the rope fabric dyeing market. In fact, in many aspects, Brazzoli is considered a pioneer and a leading company in terms of innovation and technology.

At what rate is the textile dyeing machinery market growing world over and in Italy?

The textile dyeing machinery market was obviously growing faster before the pandemic happened. Therefore considering the period, we cannot complain honestly because there are so many sectors which are suffering much more than ours. Italy's market is growing very fast this year because the government has opened a new scheme that will give significant kickback to all the investors in industrial machinery for production. Obviously, this is going to give a big stimulation to the market.

What is Brazzoli's market positioning today with respect to the textile dyeing machinery market?

Not the first, but not the second. Jokes apart, we always like to be behind our best competitors to never stop improving.

Last year was a difficult year for the world due to the onset of the pandemic. How was the Italian textile machinery industry affected?

Same as all the other parts of the world with an average loss of 25 per cent in turnover compared to the previous year.

How have customer preferences changed in the current scenario and how are you reacting to that?

Brazzoli has always been one step ahead in terms of water saving and energy saving. Due to this, and since customers became more and more sensitive to this aspect, we are matching the world necessity to be more eco-friendly.

How does your supply chain work? Which parts of the world are part of your value-chain?

We are a real Italian dyeing machinery manufacturer with 56 direct employees, and we produce everything in our plant in Italy. Obviously, we do have sub suppliers and vendors mainly from Italy and from other European countries.

Which are your major markets?

South America, and Asia obviously. Our domestic market this year looks very promising.

Which are some of the major textile/ apparel brands who are advocates of your machinery?

Calzedonia Intimissimi Group, Gabel, Stone Island, Yamamay, Gildan, Welspun, and obviously Robe di Kappa, Puma, Fila, La Coste, Nike and Adidas.

Where is the manufacturing/ production done? What is your installed capacity? How is the demand and supply worked out?

The manufacturing and production takes place completely in our historic plant in Senago, Milan province. We have got an installed capacity of 18 machines a month. We have created very good partners and friends as sub suppliers and vendors around us which permits us to be faster and more flexible.

Technology is in a sense leading the fightback. What steps has Brazzoli taken or is taking to move into a more digitalised work culture?

We have implemented a complete new and automatic robot orbital welding station connected to our management system which allows us to improve the quality and increase the productivity. Last but not the least, these days we have installed monitors in various production areas which help our expert workers to improve their skills because they get all the required information online of the workflow and quality control.

What are the new launches / product offerings to look forward to in the current year?

Recently we introduced a long tube dyeing machine named Ecosynthetic and a laboratory dyeing machine named Eco-Lab in the market.

What are your future expansion plans?

We want to visit the next ITMA 2023 to be held in Milan, and so want to start manufacturing yarn dyeing and beam dyeing machines. To get ready by that time, we have just booked a new plant in front of our historical factory which will allow us to expand our production area. (PC)
Published on: 26/05/2021

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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