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Interview with Klaus Bergmann

Klaus Bergmann
Klaus Bergmann
Sales Director / Director of Technology
Erbatech GmbH
Erbatech GmbH

Highlights for this year is launch of “Scout Rapid Color”
German company Erbatech GmbH develops, designs and manufactures high end solutions for wet finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. Klaus Bergmann, Sales Director / Director of Technology of Erbatech, spoke to Fibre2Fashion about the company’s standing in the German textile machinery industry, and its biggest product highlight at the ITMA fair.

Germany has always been one of the top contenders in the textile machinery industry worldwide. What makes German machinery superior?

German machine manufacturers have a long-standing history of developing products and are always willing to fulfill the demand of their customers. They are even trend setters with new technologies.

What is the size of the German textile machinery and the secondary parts or equipment manufacturing industry?

The size of German textile machinery and secondary parts or equipment manufacturing industry is mostly medium sized and mostly private family owned.

Where is Erbatech placed as a company today in Germany?

Erbatech is located 70 km south of Frankfurt and is a leading company for continuous open width bleaching, dyeing- and washing machines for knitted fabric in Germany.

Which countries are the biggest importers of your machinery?

There are lot of countries where we are doing good business like Turkey, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, China. We did very well in Europe too in the last 3 years.

Where do you source your machinery parts from?

This are company internal matters. But we do not source parts in and from China.

What is the annual production capacity of your textile finishing machines?

We are producing around 100 machines per year.

Will you be participating in the upcoming ITMA fair? What are the new machines launches planned for this year?

Generally, we participate in all ITMA fairs. Highlights for this year is the launch of “Scout Rapid Color” which is worldwide the first continuous dyeing machine for knitted fabric. This process dyes all kind of cellulosic fibres like cotton, viscose, micro modal and elastane blends.

According to you, how will the textile machinery scene develop in the next few years?

The textile machinery scene looks promising for the next few years.
Especially if your products are compliant to:
- Water saving
- Energy saving
- Cheaper running production costs
- Quality improvement

Which are the three main sustainable policies followed at your units?

- Environmental Protection
- Social Development
- Economic Development
Published on: 06/09/2021

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