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Interview with Paolo Crespi

Industry Speak
Paolo Crespi
Paolo Crespi
Commercial Director

Switching traditional to digital printing is becoming more convenient

For.Tex is an Italy-based leading producer of dyes and thickeners, and is owned by Epson Italia, a pioneer in digital textile printing. For.Tex and Epson recently launched a pre-treatment formula for pigment printing, Pregen PCC. It is an innovative textile pre-treatment formula for digital pigment-printed fabrics that allow them to reach a grade 4 rating for fastness along with brilliance and colour intensity. Commercial director Paolo Crespi enlightens us about the new technology and its impact.

What is this pre-treatment formula? What would be the benefits?

Pregen PCC is another step forward in the simplification and efficiency of the printing process for digital pigment-printed textiles, as it considerably reduces time and costs (no particular treatment is required after printing to obtain good results). This is an indispensable pre-condition for a sector-the pigment printing one-that promises significant growth rates in the coming years and indicates new efforts towards a reduced environmental impact. In reaching a higher level of rubbing fastness and colour intensity, switching from traditional to digital printing is increasingly becoming more convenient.

What is the USP of Pregen PCC?

Pregen PCC allows reaching a grade 4 rating for fastness to rubbing along with unprecedented brilliance and colour intensity. Compared to the current pre-treatment products, this innovative textile pre-treatment formula guarantees improved colour performance (20 per cent higher intensity) and better rubbing fastness in both dry and wet tests (grade 4) immediately after the baking process.

For which fabrics/fibre types can this pre-treatment be used?

Pregen PCC is suitable for fabrics used for both clothing and interior decorating. It can be used on many different fibres, including blended cellulosic/synthetic. (HO)
Published on: 11/05/2018

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