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Interview with Abhishek Ralli

Abhishek Ralli
Abhishek Ralli
Guide Footwear
Guide Footwear

Fashion at affordable prices

Guide group is a government recognised manufacturing house engaged in the manufacture of men's footwear since 1962. CEO Abhishek Ralli speaks about the latest trends and the challenges faced in footwear industry.

What factors have shaped the growth of this segment?

Footwear is now treated as fashion and not necessity as in the past.

What are your thoughts on GST for the footwear sector?

It is perfect for the organised sector.

How did demonetisation impact the footwear business?

Demonitisation curbed liquidity and it shall take time for all to recover. The government should look at business as a whole community.

Sourcing norms for single-brand retail have been eased. How will this impact the retail sector?

Domestic production and sourcing should be encouraged instead of imports.

The art of shoe-making, niche skill sets in terms of manufacturing, personnel for the shop floor-what does the footwear industry need to do to meet these challenges?

Training sessions should be organised. Proper institutes must be there to improve labour skills, and there should be awareness programmes w.r.t the latest technologies.

What materials do you use?

TPR / rubber / PU / EVA are being used.

What trends do you see?

Fashion at affordable prices.

What are the challenges?

The major challenge is scarcity of labour and land at affordable price. Major investments get blocked over purchase of land. There should be land that may be leased by the government at affordable prices.
This interview was first published in the October 2019 edition of the print magazine.
Published on: 30/10/2019

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