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Interview with Amol Bhagwati

Industry Speak
Amol Bhagwati
Amol Bhagwati
Managing Director
Inspiron Engineering Pvt Ltd
Inspiron Engineering Pvt Ltd

We're rapidly expanding our market share

A textile finishing solution provider, Inspiron Engineering Private Limited is known for its hot air stenters used widely across the processing industry. Looking to expand its application area to cater to high demand area like technical textiles, innovation is intrinsic to the company's credo. Managing Director Amol Bhagwati talks stenters.

Which are your major markets for flyers, stenters, and other components?

For stenters, our major market in India, especially the corporate segment. We are also exporting to the US and exploring the market in South Asian countries. Turkey used to be a potential country, however, due to the current politico-economic scenario the market is dormant there. We supply our flyers to almost all the OEMs and spinning industry worldwide. We are now planning to target the Chinese market also.

What is your market share for stenters?

We supply to 25-30 per cent of our customer segments.

What is the demand for stenters for woven versus knitted fabrics?

It is now 40:60 for woven and knitted segments.

What is the annual budget spent on R&D at Inspiron?

We annually spend 4-7 per cent of out stenter turnover on R&D.

What new features do you offer with the latest stenters at Inspiron Engineering?

Inspiron stenters are marketed under the brand name of Motex 15000 and Uniflow in India and under the brand name Sprinton overseas. 
  • The current Inspiron stenter model employs hot air distribution system 'Uniflow' which is most energy efficient in terms of heat transfer. The structural configuration of this system ensures low down time and minimum maintenance. Motex being equipped with hightech stenter chain system results in higher speed of operation, extra stretch with low energy consumption as well as low maintenance and liberty from oil staining. Unique nozzle system enables the processor to achieve homogeneous drying and heat setting at higher evaporation rates with optimum energy utilisation. Consistent and even heat setting results are achieved during heat setting process across the length and width. 
  • The Uniflow unique system of air control has separately controlled air flow from top and bottom nozzle. It has the advantage of reproducibility in results at any time. The horizontal chain has the advantage of special long lubricated roller bearing chain which may require lubrication once a year, or even later. Operating speeds up to 150 metres / minutes is possible indeed. It is ideal for delicate materials like silk and knit fabrics, coated fabric, viscose, microfibre, and pile fabrics and silk. o The chambers are heavy, compact frames with maintenance-free adjustment system. Closed design of chambers with 150 mm thick material rock wool installation, minimises heat loss through radiation, resulting in conservation of energy and increased productivity. The nozzle system is with provision of easy cleaning even in with drawing it out. 
  • It has high squeezing padder with robust compact frame structure, small capacity pneumatically controlled (up to 60 litre) sliding and tilting chemical trough with auto control. It is user-friendly and reduces the drain losses substantially. Padder with 12 ton load capacity i.e. unitary length pressure force 50 kg/cm for fabric width 260 cm. Uniform squeezing nip throughout width of the fabric. High squeeze Triflex rollers. Squeezing efficiency of the newly designed padder of Motex 15000 / Sprinton is substantially better or at par with the European competitors, especially for knitted fabric with delicate treatment to the web. Higher squeezing capability ensures optimum pick up percentage for specific processes, e.g. wet-on-wet finish with desired add on percentage next, resulting in better productivity. 
  • Sprinton / Motex 15000 leads the race with sustainable energy savings for finishing applications with very effective energy cost / kg of fabric, up to 15 per cent lesser than the European competitors. Arvind, Raymond, Vardhman are the few big names where specifications are appreciated for performance resulting in repeat orders. 
  • Inspiron stenters, at enviably low maintenance cost, offer extreme sturdy design technology taking care of all the practicalities of production as complete solution for all kinds of substrates (woven / knits / technical textiles from 20 gsm to 800 or more). They have cradle and brushing units for denim, higher squeezing padder, pin protection flapper, cushioning effect for knits, desired and reproducible hand feel. They give finishing effect for shirting & suiting and have high operational speeds up to 150 mpm. On account of such unique features, Motex has become a widely accepted and versatile stenter amongst quality conscious customers. Exportoriented textile processors for various products like knits, woven, technical textiles, terry towels, etc. are reaping benefits from Motex technology.

Are your machines Industry 4.0 compliant?

Complying with Industry 4.0, Inspiron is advancing in the field of automation with latest web app for remote visualisation of HMI screen via smart phone or tab devices. Remote access for online diagnosis, online process control with Pleva sensors, and monitoring through unified HMI and data analysis on real time basis through SCADA.

Please share details of the last two fiscals and the target set for the next two years.

Last two fiscal years data was ₹35 crore and ₹37 crore. We have a limited capacity to produce from 12-15 machines based on specifications and our goal for the next two years is to achieve ₹40 crore to ₹45 crore considering a good success story in exports.

Do you plan to expand your current product portfolio and production capacities? Please share a few details.

We are rapidly expanding our market share and customer reach in our target segment i.e. corporates and exports, especially to the US market. We have also engaged to expand our development and application area to cater to high demand area like technical textiles. We are innovating technologies continuously to fulfil the future and implied need of the industry as textile finishing solution provider.
Published on: 10/06/2019

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