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Interview with Kriti Kanodia

Kriti Kanodia
Kriti Kanodia
Creative Head
Kallisto Shoes
Kallisto Shoes

Handmade from Scratch
A TV show in 2012 where actor Sonam Kapoor customises her own pair of shoes intrigued designer Kriti Kanodia. Charmed by the sheer intricacy of the art and the immense possibilities it promised, Kanodia went on to do a summer course at the London College of Fashion and then establish Kallisto Shoes in 2018. Kanodia shares details on her brand.

When was the brand established?

The brand was established in 2018.

What was the inspiration that led to the formation/founding of the brand?

The inspiration was to create a fusion footwear brand using Indian artistry and modern style – a beautiful product which showcases our Indian artisanal skills.

Which are the categories the brand is into?

We are into women’s footwear.

Who are your target audience?

Women aged 16 - 45, interested in premium and luxury brands, newly engaged women (bridal shoes), lovers of casual and pretwear in shoes.

Which category sells the most?

Casual wear and bridal lines sell the most as we offer customisation for bridal wear.

What are the price points of your shoes?

The price points vary between Rs 1500 - 5000 and Rs 5000 - 15000 (bridal shoes)

What is the USP of your products?

Our shoes are customisable and vegan (PETA Approved).

What is your retail and web presence like?

We have one offline store in Kolkata. We are present online through our own website, Instagram and Facebook.

What is your market positioning like?

Our shoes are in the affordable premium wear category with local presence.

Which other product categories do you plan to move into future?

Our focus right now is to find a foothold in the Indian market. We want to be known as a premium wear brand in the bridal category and in casual wear.

What kind of brand building strategies do you implement?

Word of mouth and exhibitions have been our strong communication channels. We have also shifted our focus now to social media, as the current generation is more tech savvy, and enjoys purchasing through the online medium.

What has been the impact of Covid in terms of sales, staff cutdown, rentals, stocks etc?

Our sales figure was affected as the consumption of the buyers had considerably reduced. But post the restrictions being lifted, we saw a gradual development in demands of the consumers, especially to-be brides. 

Our workshop was shut during the main phase of the lockdown. But we didn't cut down our staff.

Where are your manufacturing facilities based at?

Our workshop is based in Kolkata. We have employed karigars from different regions, focusing on each of their strengths. Plus, we also ensure that each karigar is trained in all aspects of the shoemaking process.

What is the annual production capacity?

We generally produce around 2000 pairs in the entire year. We get around 300 pairs of customisation orders annually.

What kind of machinery does your manufacturing facility boast of?

All the shoes are completely hand made from scratch. The embroidery sewn on the shoes, is also carried out by hand by our skilled artisans. (PC)
This article was first published in the February 2021 edition of the print magazine.
Published on: 12/03/2021

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