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Interview with Dejan Lalevic

Industry Speak
Dejan Lalevic
Dejan Lalevic
Sales Director
Mesdan SPA
Mesdan SPA

Contest -S launched at ITMA for calculating cotton stickiness

Mesdan SPA, a subsidiary of Italian firm Savio Macchine Tessili, manufactures yarn splicing and textile quality testing equipment. The company was founded in 1952 and is based in Puegnago sul Garda. Sales director Dejan Lalevic discusses the company's rich history and the latest technologies displayed at the recently concluded ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

Please give a brief description of your company.

Mesdan was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of hand knotters. In the 1970s, we developed the technology of knotting yarns through splicers. Then we continued to develop splicers for yarn doubling machines, two for one twister and then expanded to other segments like embroidery, knitting, etc. We offer hand operated as well as automatic splicers. In the 1990s, we also started offering laboratory testing equipment for all segments of the industry. Some of our equipment are unique in the market.

What new technologies did you exhibit at ITMA 2019? Please share a few details.

At ITMA, we introduced the Contest - S, in which S stands for calculating the cotton stickiness. The honey dew or sugar content in the cotton differs from season to season. The honey dew creates a lot of problems while spinning, particularly during carding. The honey dew sticks to the card and so production is stopped to clean it. If the presence of honey dew is known in advance, the same cotton can be blended with other good cotton. Earlier there was something like a bread toaster and the cotton was put on the trays and heated at high temperature. The presence of honey dew would be known if the honey dew stuck to the plates. Another way was to spray a chemical on the bale of cotton and if the cotton changed colour, it meant honey dew is present. But this could be done on the surface of the bale and not inside the bale. Our automatic machine offers a simple and reliable way. We have developed our fourth-generation of yarn and fabric strength testers, which were exhibited at the event. We also showed our latest yarn splicers.
Published on: 09/07/2019

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