Interview with Valter De Carli

Valter De Carli
Valter De Carli
Regional Sales Vice-President
Savio Macchine Tessili
Savio Macchine Tessili

We launched open-ended spinning machine Helios at ITMA

Savio Macchine Tessili is at the head of a group that holds a know-how of the highest technological level, aiming therefore to represent excellence both in finishing and finishing systems and in yarn quality control systems. It operates as a global partner that is able to provide cutting-edge solutions, having consolidated high skills, due to the continuous search for solutions. Valter De Carli, regional sales vice-president, discusses with Fibre2Fashion about the pros and cons of the fully automatic machines in the textile industry.

Please give a brief description of your company.

Savio was set up 110 years ago and our main activities are related to offering winding and twisting machinery. We are now the largest manufacturers of winding machines in the world and our group sales is to the tune of €400 million. Mesdan was our first acquisition as they were already suppliers of air splicers to us. Later, we took over Loepfe, which too used to supply us yarn clearers. Today we operate in segments of automatic winding, TFO's, open end spinning and some other machines for special yarn applications.

Have you launched any new technologies or did you showcase existing technologies at ITMA 2019? Please share features and benefits of these technologies.

At ITMA, we launched a new open-ended, fully automatic spinning machine called Helios. We noticed that there is a gap between the semi-automatic and fully automatic machines in the market. In terms of investment, the current fully automatic machines pose a challenge. We are positioning the Helios with those who currently operate the semi-automatic open-ended machines and also to those who find the cost of fully automatic machines challenging. We call the Helios a hybrid as the technology offers the operator to do certain operations. Once a machine is restarted after electricity breakdowns, the operator can do piecing manually along with the automatic piecing done by the machine. We will start making deliveries of this machine beginning mid next year. At this ITMA, we have also launched an upgraded version of the Eco Pulsar winding machine, which was launched at ITMA 2015.

Since when has your company been participating in ITMA?

As we are a 110-year-old company, we must probably be participating since the first edition.

What is your opinion of ITMA, when you compare with other textile machinery exhibitions held in various other countries?

There is always something special at ITMA. We get a chance to meet all our customers from around the world, while in regional exhibitions, we get to meet customers from that country or from surrounding countries. The buyer also gets to see the latest developments at ITMA. In regional shows, the exhibitor shows only those technologies that appeal to the industry in that country, while at ITMA, exhibitors show their whole range. ITMA is also a more vibrant show.  At ITMA, we also meet only decisionmakers like owners or very senior executives. (RR)
Published on: 09/07/2019

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