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Interview with Jos Notermans

Jos Notermans
Jos Notermans
Marketing Manager

We launched Orta-screen, 2nd-gen Rotary screens & Javelin at ITMA

SPGPrints is a global provider of integrated solutions for rotary screen printing in the textile, label and industrial markets and has a leading position in digital printing. Jos Notermans, marketing manager, reveals the breakthrough of larger-scale digital production during ITMA in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.

Please tell us in brief about your company.

SPGPrints was earlier known as Stork. We invented rotary screen printing in 1963 and started digital textile printing developments in 1987, launching the first ever digital textile printer in 1991 at ITMA in Hannover. Since then, we have introduced eight generations of digital textile printers, with our current models Pike (single pass) and Javelin (scanning printer), which were launched at ITMA 2015 in Milano. We have been producing our own digital textile inks since the beginning, and therefore, have over 30 years experience in digital textile inks and printers. In rotary, we are the market leader in both rotary printing machines as well as screens. We have introduced better and more economic screens over the years and our Penta and Nova screens are the de facto market standard. We also produce digital engraving systems for these screens named Bestlen and Smartlex.

Did you launch any new technology or show existing technologies at ITMA 2019? Please share features and benefits of these?

We launched the Orta-screen at ITMA. It is a flatbed screen in a round shape. Instead of the normal hexagonal shape of the dams around the screen holes, like Penta and Nova, the Orta has an orthogonal shape of the dams. The structure of the screen is three-dimensional, allowing paste to flow over the dams, resulting in smoother blotches and straighter fine lines. We also launched the second generation of our well appreciated Random screens. In the random screen, as the name suggests, the holes are distributed randomly instead of in a regular pattern as with all other screens. This avoids Moiré effects in geometric designs. This screen named the RandomEco has a higher open area, resulting in the use of less printing paste.

We also showed the latest rotary printing machine PegasusEvo, using the latest technologies in modern engineering and motion control, and ensuring the best possible print quality. In digital, we showcased a running model of our flagship Pike, where we have increased the maximum speed to 60 metres per minute. We also launched the second generation of Javelin, which has improved speed and a redesigned user interface based on customer feedback on the first generation.

To how many countries do you export?

We export to over 150 countries and have our own regional companies in Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Austria, Turkey, India, Pakistan and China. We have a strong agent and distributor network covering all major textile countries in the world.

Since how many years has your company been participating at ITMA?

We have been participating at each and every ITMA since 1963. ITMA Barcelona is our 15th edition.

What is your opinion of ITMA, when you compare with other textile machinery exhibitions held elsewhere?

ITMA is the most important global textile machinery exhibition and throughout the years we have seen that ITMA is always a trend breaking event. In 2015, we saw the breakthrough of larger scale digital production and 2019 is showing that the technology is addressing all the main concerns that printing companies still might have about digital. We expect that the outcome of the ITMA will show an increase in investments in digital production. (RR)
Published on: 17/07/2019

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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