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Interview with Davide Maccabruni

Industry Speak
Davide Maccabruni
Davide Maccabruni

Buyers wait for ITMA before freezing investments

Schärer Schweiter Mettler (SSM) manufactures and supplies textile machinery for yarn processing and winding operations. It offers dye packages/rewinding, air texturing, false twist texturing, air covering, draw winding, assembly winding, yarn singeing, sewing thread, and conventional covering machines. Its products are used in the development and production of denim, fancy, glass execution, and carpet backing solutions. CEO Davide Maccabruni talks about the latest innovations at SSM.

Please tell us about your company.

SSM came into existence after the merger of three companies-Schaerer, Schweiter and Mettler-in 1991. Each of these companies have more than 150 years of history. In 2017, SSM was acquired by the Rieter Group. The core competence of SSM is precision winding of yarn packages. We also offer technologies which add value to the yarn like waxing, doubling, stretching, texturising, etc, through rewinding of these yarn packages.

What new technologies did you showcase at ITMA 2019?

We showcased three new technologies at ITMA. One is called the Preciforce, which is a pressure regulating system and is a first time in the world. This system is used to put pressure when winding the yarn. Three things need to be done in order to get a perfect yarn package. One is crossing angle, second is yarn tension and third is back pressure force. All these three can be now done automatically through our technology. The second technology is called Powerblade, where we have combined two very well-known technologies, which are the Propeller and our Electronic Yarn Traverse. We have combined the sturdiness and the reliability of the Propeller winder with the flexibility of the Electronic Yarn Traverse to launch the Powerblade. The third new technology is called DP5-FT meant for filament yarns. It is a single position DTY machine for draw texturised yarns. The machine combines the digitised technology together with the texturing technology of our group company, SSM Giudici.

Which are your main export markets?

We export everywhere where there is a textiles industry-to around 150 countries.

How many ITMAs have you participated in?

As per my understanding, the three individual companies-Schaerer, Schweiter and Mettler-have been participating at ITMA since its inception.

What is your opinion of ITMA?

It is a matter of surprise that the relevance of ITMA among buyers is still there after so many editions. Buyers wait for ITMA, before they finalise their investments plans, so that they can see and buy the latest technologies. This can be seen partially in exhibitions held in various other countries. Since ITMA is held every four years, it adds to the importance of the exhibition. The quality of the buyers is also very good. ITMA is a perfect place to meet our buyers and agents from all over the world. We can also measure our competitors in terms of technology that we and they offer. As of date at this edition, we must have received buyers from at least 50 countries. We received buyers from even unexpected countries like Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya. (HO)
Published on: 10/07/2019

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