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Interview with Mario Ploner

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Mario Ploner
Mario Ploner
Tecnomeccanica Biellese
Tecnomeccanica Biellese

We'll become a group of five companies in 2019

Italian company Tecnomeccanica Biellese specialises in planning and construction of machines and complete plants for preparing textile fibres for spinning since 1968. The company has vast experience in all sectors where staple fibres are processed-combing, woollen and semiworsted, spinning, production of non-woven fabrics, felt, wadding and waste regeneration plants. It is active in the sector of removal by suction of dust from rooms, machines and fibres with systems for automatic filtering and dust packing. Proprietor Mario Ploner discusses the market for woollen fibres and the company's expansion plans.

What technologies did you display at ITMA Asia'18?

We manufacture blending plants for fibre preparation for long staple woollen fibres. Our machines clean vegetable matter and dust and then blend the different types of woollen fibres or simultaneously when blended with other fibres like acrylic. Our plant can also dye fibres and mix the various coloured fibres to produce fancy yarns. The machine that we displayed, is a complete plant that can also reprocess fibre waste. Normally waste fibres are used in the next lot, but in our system, the machine can automatically recycle the waste in the same lot or process. Against the older method where production efficiency was 95 kg yarn for every 100 kg fibre, our machine can offer 98-99 kg yarn. 

How is the market for wool in China?

Wool accounts for just 5 per cent of all the fibres processed in the world. China is one of the few biggest and growing markets for wool and cashmere. China has become the biggest producer of cashmere wool because Mongolia is the biggest producer of cashmere and since China is its neighbour, most of the Mongolian cashmere wool fibre is sold in China. Additionally, more than 50 per cent of wool fibres produced in Australia, South America and South Africa is processed in China.

How did the last nine months fare for your company?

We grew quite well. In the last 2-3 years, we have been able to retake our market share in various countries. We sell 50 per cent of our production in Europe and the rest is sold in China and South American nations like Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

What are your company's plans for 2019?

We are in the process of buying other companies to become a bigger group. In the last two to three years, we have added a few companies. In 2019, we will become a group of five companies. This will help us serve all the segments of spinning. 

What will you be showing at ITMA Barcelona 2019?

What will you be showing at ITMA Barcelona 2019?As a group, we will be showing several upgraded technologies. We have removed mechanical parts from our machines and added electronics and sensors instead to increase automation. We are in the process of testing these technologies and they should be ready for ITMA Barcelona 2019. (HO)
Published on: 14/11/2018

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