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Interview with Cem Erdogrul

Cem Erdogrul
Cem Erdogrul
Managing Director
Temsan Air Engineering
Temsan Air Engineering

Production unit planned in India in 2019

Turkey-based Temsan Air Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of air-conditioning systems for spinning, weaving and knitting mills. Managing director Cem Erdogrul shares details about the company's expansion plans and its latest energy saving innovations.

What are the plans at Temsan for 2019?

Currently, we have manufacturing plants in several countries-Turkey, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iran and the United States. In 2019, we will start a production factory in India.

Have you introduced any new energy saving technologies?

The most important feature of our systems is design. Each facility needs a different solution, and therefore, our aim is to always offer and design the most optimised solution. For example, designing of axial or radial fans is very important for us. Each facility has different static pressure, so the biggest challenge is how to reduce the static pressure. If the fan design is correct, we can reach the minimum static pressure, which will automatically translate into lower energy costs. The second important part is rotary filter design. For blowroom and cardroom departments, air velocity should be minimum or just 0.9. If velocity is increased, the static pressure too will go up. This will mean that electricity consumption will rise. So, our effort is always to keep air velocity at 0.9. Another important factor is the dempel design. Here too, the air velocity should be same as in rotary filter. Waste and dust collection are also very important.

How are your systems different from others?

Our designs are different from our competitors. Our systems can collect the waste and separate automatically in each department. In our system for dust collection, a mill will need only one person to handle it.

Is your company taking part at ITMA Barcelona '19?

Yes, we will be taking part and have booked a 150 sq metres booth. (HO)

Published on: 15/11/2018

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