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Interview with Alon Moshe

Alon Moshe
Alon Moshe
Chief Executive Officer
Twine Solutions
Twine Solutions

Twine to deliver TS-1800 yarn dyeing tech from 2020

Israel-based Twine Solutions is a technology start-up that has developed a proprietary and revolutionary digital on-demand thread dyeing system and a digital dye-to-match colour application. Chief executive officer Alon Moshe discusses digitally dyed threads meeting the highest industry standards.

Please tell us in brief about your company.

The company was started by me and my twin brother about four years ago. Both of us have a vast experience in the digital printing industry. Our staff too has a lot of industry experience. Israel is also considered a digital printing industry hub.

Did you launch any new technologies or show existing technologies at ITMA 2019? Please share features and benefits of these technologies.

We showed a proprietary waterless yarn dyeing technology called TS-1800, fully developed by us in which colour impregnates digitally into the core fibres of the yarn in a continuous manner. Twine is revolutionising the textile industry by changing yarn and thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production. The TS-1800 is the world's first, unique and revolutionary solution offering on-demand digital yarn and thread dyeing capabilities. Twine's DST is a waterless eco-friendly technology that uses the precise amount of Twine's TDI ink per yarn or thread type, length and weight with virtually no waste.

A process begins once a colour is selected by the user. Twine's proprietary algorithms automatically create a recipe, specifically to the thread type and initiate highly accurate ink mixing of Twine's four basic TDI ink colours. Once completed, the yarn or thread passes through a treatment chamber and then into the drying unit. The drying unit will then fixate the TDI ink into the yarn or thread's fibres, upholding the highest quality standards. The last phase of the process is lubrication, where lubricant is applied to the thread. The system's closed loop technology ensures there are no emissions or waste disposed in the environment.

Twine's DST technology eliminates the long, vast and messy conventional bulk dyeing processes and replaces those with a direct, fast, digital in-house system. Once digitally dyed, the thread is ready to be used immediately without any pre or post treatments. We will begin deliveries of the technology next year. 

How much water or pollution can be reduced using this technology?

Our technology is water-less, while the conventional yarn dyeing machines use a lot of water and energy. It is an environment-friendly machine and part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). (RR)
Published on: 11/07/2019

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