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Mr. Madhu Kapoor
Mr. Madhu Kapoor
Managing Director
Apparel & Leather Technics Pvt. Ltd.

Company Details

Business Area:
Manufacturer of CAD CAM system, fabric, garment inspection machine, finishing machines, conveyor system, knitting machines etc. Also into Consultancy and Training.


Discuss the applications of various machines in textile industry. How do you foresee the textile market over the years?

If you need a proper pattern, proper grading of various sizes and finally a good marker for a controlling consumption of fabric we have no other alternative but to employ a good CAD System. The quality and productivity of a final product is determined by the efficiency of the CAD CAM System.

In each marker, we can determine the percentage efficiency and this is very important because more than 70% of the cost of the product is the raw material.

The purpose of the inspection machine is to inspect the fabric, put sticker on defects, re roll the fabric to be ready to load on the spreading machine and check the number of meters. The efficiency of the spreading machine entirely depends on the quality of re roll material coming out of the inspection machine.

The purpose of the finishing machine is to clean every kind of garment, steam press the same and pack as per specification. This is very important as the product quality at the retail store is determined by the quality of finishing machine used.

The purpose of the conveyor system is to avoid manual handling of components and garments. This not only increases the productivity but also reduces the handling time and soiling of garments.

The purpose of knitting machine is to produce various kinds of knit fabrics. This is a very big variety and therefore knitting machines are divided into single knit machines, double knit machines and various other specialties likes fleece etc.

Garment industry in African countries has a good potential provided they create trained work force and proper infrastructure.

The garment industry is rapidly changing for requirements of power saving, material saving and increasing productivity. This is very important as product cost is controlled to make their product more economical.

India will be the clothier of the world because of its infrastructure and trained work force. We have to re-engineer our factories to be able to compete in domestic and international market.

Published on: 17/01/2014

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