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Mr. Andrew Brook
Mr. Andrew Brook
Brook International

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Business Area:
Selling fabrics to print companies, flag makers and print management companies
Export Capabilities:
60% Exports & 40% Domestic
UK, Europe and beyond


You are into business of Specialty Fabrics for flags, banners and digital print. Please tell us how do you see your sector shaping world over?

We see the sector of specialty fabrics for flags, banners and digital print continuing to grow as print buyers and specifiers become aware of the possibilities. This trend is not confined to any one country but is happening globally albeit fabric printing is perhaps more advanced in some countries than others. One major advantage of fabrics, certainly in the digital print arena, is the rich choice of fabrics. Brook International has responded to this by ensuring we have an extensive range of fabrics to satisfy many, if not all, of the most popular applications - exhibition graphics, retail graphics, theatrical stage backdrops, event (sports country, music) graphics and of course not forgetting flags (corporate and national).

The demand trends are for high quality fabrics that perform consistently from one roll or delivery to the next. As the advantages and possibilities of fabric printing become even more recognized, so demands for newer and different fabrics to those already offered will grow. Certainly though display-type and flag-type fabrics will remain amongst the most popular. With the development of light boxes fabrics that can be used in these applications will also prove popular.

Prominent markets to consume these products are certainly those in the developed economies of the world but also emerging economies. Western economies will probably lead the way and the emerging economies will follow. More and more major retailers are embracing the concept of fabric printing as they recognize fabrics can better represent their brand identity. With great tactility, aesthetics fabrics can satisfy many applications in the retail and exhibitions sectors in particular.

Prominent markets developing these fabrics are certainly Europe, the USA and of course the Far East. At the end of the day quality is paramount and print houses will buy from where they know they can get high quality fabrics that will perform at competitive prices. Cheaper imitations are not always the answer because if printers are tempted buy cheap prices they should be prepared to print twice as the quality cannot be guaranteed. Brook international by contrast prides itself on being able to offer high quality fabrics that are consistent. Consistency is a key factor as delivery deadlines become shorter.

Raw material prices in an era of when polyester producers in particular can demand whatever prices they want as the global economy recovers from the recent recession is biggest issue. Some stability is needed otherwise there is a risk that print buyers may consider reverting back to old fashioned very cheap PVC-type medias. This is a situation that is not helpful. Also as economies and currencies recover from the effects of the recession this is also a factor way beyond the control of fabric suppliers of any description. These are perhaps two very real concerns for which we will only know and appreciate the consequences in the future.    


Published on: 24/01/2012

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of

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