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Ratul Kashyap
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‘Exports of organic, BCI, fancy, and melange yarns will increase from India’

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Egypt/Dhaka/China/Sri Lanka/S Africa/USA/ EU etc and buyers like H&M, Next, Gap, JCP, Zara, Bershka etc.


What are the major challenges faced by the companies with global operations? What is the situation of yarn manufacturing and its exports in India?

In case of basic yarns, the demand is same but in case of fancy and Industrial yarns the demand is different from customer to customer, depending on the end use. The major challenges are language problem, trust, and follow up, sales after service, for which each company has different modules of working. Like few Co’s have their own offices / representatives and few Co’s have their counter parts / agents for this purpose.

It is getting more and tougher for the industry due to various reasons. Demand is less in most of the export markets, many buyers have started nominating for the fibers / yarns. Different qualities of cotton fiber, like organic, BCI, Clean Cotton etc. being nominated by different buyers and mills have to maintain stocks of these fibres and plan their production accordingly. Buyers expect same yarn / fabric price for min 3-6 months from mills, though cotton fibre prices keep fluctuating.

Basic cotton yarn exports are on the down trend. China buying has been reduced a lot and Bangladesh customers relying more on the domestic yarn spinners than importing from India. But in case of BCI, organic cotton yarns, there is not much impact and buyers like H&M, M&S, C&A etc. nominating more and more directly from the Mills. Also, fancy / melange yarns, exports are increasing due to good demand in the market.

Exports of Organic, BCI, Fancy, Melange yarns will increase from India and basic cotton yarns depend on the other market situations and cotton fibre/yarn prices from India.

-Manushi Gandhi.

Published on: 14/06/2014

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