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Mr. Channy Hur
Mr. Channy Hur
Gum Kwang Hi-Tex Co. Ltd.

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Motor cross pants & jacket makers, bag & backpack makers and outdoor equipment makers


Give us an overview of the nylon/polyester woven fabrics market in Korea and in the world.

International competition in the textile and woven fabric trade has become strong. The fibre, textile and apparel industries are amid comprehensive transformation and global textile and clothing trade is concentrating more on output, efficiency, eminence and gradually on resource strengthening.

At the same time, nylon/polyester woven fabric in Korea is running the feature with the textile & apparel industries. Therefore, the quality of chemical woven fabric has improved and ranked to the global high quality together with the increasing price. But the price didn't reach with the cost-up in 2013's. Chemical yarn price had risen up with 4% and dyestuff price is high with 8% than in 2012's, as China, which is the main maker of dyestuff decreased the annual products with the preserve of environment in China. Accordingly, the cost-up of chemical fabric has continued to weaken and so the competition in the world has weakened. To make matters worse, the factories of woven fabric have no thought of profit with high labor & energy cost.

In recent times, in spite of difficulty in clothing trade, the nylon/polyester woven fabric increased the needs in industrial usage, medical textiles, sports textiles, geo textiles and protective textiles. This usage of industrial fabric is presenting fresh prospects to the global market.

As a matter of fact, in future, China and other fastest-growing economies, such as Brazil, India and Russia are anticipated to grow to be their specific sales locations for opulence and vogue products.

Now that our products have faced the high cost with the wage & energy and chemical materials for textile yarn making, the nylon/polyester woven fabric of Korea should establish a distinction from other country products. Dealing with essential renovations, it comes into view that Korea needs to strengthen its manufacturing range as it tries to enter the high-end textile and industrial marketplace.

High-class quality, inventive merchandise, quick response to customer requirements as well as progression of fast fashion in the world is very important. We need to set up FTA with other countries like the United States, EU, Chile accordingly so that we can draw the price and compete with the fastest growing countries.

According to Korea Industrial Research Centre report, Korea textile industry in 2013's has grown with the domestic 5-10% and trade over 10% and the rate of economic growth will be GDP 3.7%.

For the fastest growing countries of ASEAN, the textile export amount of Korea will be achieved with 5.8 %( 2013’s 2.7%) as the nation advances with requirement and the recovery of export to China and promote the competition of price by FTA result.

Published on: 21/01/2014

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