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What is the criterion for selecting sourcing partners at Hugo Boss?

Hugo Boss has defined a set of demanding requirements for its suppliers, and works with carefully selected partners. The most important criterion is the ability to meet quality, finishing and sustainability standards of Hugo Boss. Additional key criteria include the supplier’s reliability, technical equipment and innovative capacity, financial robustness and cost efficiency.

The key point a potential business partner has to have is consequently the general assurance of highest quality standards – for production and delivery likewise. In addition, Hugo Boss requests detailed information on aspects such as compliance, customs and manufacturing set-up, via a specific Vendor Management System and questionnaires.

To assure compliance with the company’s general terms and conditions as well as with our Hugo Boss Social Standards and Restricted Substances List, the company further requires each supplier to agree with these regulations prior to a potential partnership. Hugo Boss will also conduct a social compliance audit, to assure a partner lives up to corporate requirements and standards in this regard. This also means that a partner will have to possess a future-oriented set-up, including an own management system for sustainability, for example, on social, environmental and chemical aspects.

By the means of its comprehensive evaluation system, the company highlights importance of aspects such as good working conditions and product safety for Hugo Boss. Furthermore, the company applies strictest requirements – which are a requisite in selected markets – for production in other markets as well and uses the same vendors for different markets for consistency. The predominant sourcing markets – which will also play an important role in future – are China, Eastern Europe and Turkey. To appreciate its longstanding relationships, Hugo Boss offers intense and reliable partnerships to preferred suppliers.

Hugo Boss shares the responsibility for adhering to sustainability standards along a global value chain. Sustainability is thus a permanent part of Hugo Boss’s mission statement, strategy and business processes. As part of its sustainability management, Hugo Boss started a continuous dialogue with its stakeholders and with customers as part of this group.

In 2014, for example, Hugo Boss analysed the needs and expectations of customers related to sustainability in a special customer survey and integrated this feedback into specific targets. The company has in addition published a special brochure and a detailed report on its sustainability standards and targets in 2015 for increased transparency. Of course, Hugo Boss sees the diverse expectations and demands of its stakeholders as an opportunity to create value for all sides and seeks to further intensify this exchange and transparency in future to create long-term benefits.

Hugo Boss relies on well-rehearsed, standardised and system-enabled sourcing and production processes as a key success factor. This is the only way of ensuring timely availability of goods on the shop floor and outstanding quality that customers of Hugo Boss products expect.

Published on: 22/06/2016

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