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Walter Roggenstein
Walter Roggenstein
Head of R&D
Kelheim Fibres GmbH

‘The perfect combination of eco-friendliness with the highest level of functionality is the common thread in all our fibre innovations’

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Viscose specialty fibres


What technological innovations are taking place in the specialty fibres sector?

At the moment, we see a growing interest in our speciality fibres in many and various end uses. Manufacturers of the most different end products have realized that they can enhance their product or optimise their production process by using our speciality fibres. Accordingly, we are working on a multitude of innovative speciality fibres and applications at the same time.

I can give you two very topical examples: in the hygiene sector, our viscose speciality fibres have been a much sought-after raw material for years because of their natural absorbency and softness and their eco-friendliness as they are completely made from wood pulp and fully biodegradable. We have already developed a range of fibres with very different grades of absorbency from extra absorbent to hydrophobic, so we can create whole products - like for example sanitary towels -, that are a 100% biodegradable and compostable yet at the same time extremely  functional and effective. The growing market for incontinence products can benefit from our viscose speciality fibres, as well: Hollow viscose fibres can store large quantities of fluid and enable the production of washable incontinence pads, which offer security, discretion and ecological advantages.

The second example has to do with our specific Bavarian product beer. Together with Krones AG, the world market leader in process technology for food and beverages, we are developing a viscose fibre which can substitute diatomite in precoat filtration in the brewing industry. Our fibres can be individually tailored to meet the brewer's specific demands. Again, our specialities prove to be an environmentally sound choice, offering benefits regarding the product qualities, processability and the cost of disposal.

In summary, the perfect combination of eco-friendliness with the highest level of functionality - maybe even functionality which is tailor-made for one particular customer or product - are the common thread in all our fibre innovations.

Published on: 23/09/2014

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