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Mr. Paolo Gramaglia
Mr. Paolo Gramaglia
Miroglio Textile s.r.l. Director
Miroglio Textile

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Apparel (company: Miroglio Fashion) Fabrics (company: Miroglio Textile, B.U. Fabrics) Transfer Paper & Technical Films (company: Miroglio Textile, B.U. Sublitex) Spun Yarns (company: Miroglio Textile, B.U. Filature Miroglio)
136 million euro
Miroglio Textiles distribution network currently comprises more than 5,000 customers spread over the various sectors in the which the company operates.


What is the role of the digital printing technology in the manufacturing of garments and which countries are likely to benefit from it?

As well as enhancing print aesthetics, digital technology means a product can be developed with the utmost customization, optimizing modelling and garment-maker consumption. Today we can talk about “garment engineering”, as it really is possible to manufacture product by adapting the design to the garment, rather than vice-versa as before. “Minimum print runs” are also finally a thing of the past, because with digital technology printing plant costs are virtually non-existent, and customers can buy and replenish with the maximum flexibility, reacting rapidly to the actual needs of the market instead of having to “risk” industrial volumes. A business model that is particularly well suited to fast fashion, mail order merchandisers and selling on line.

E.Volution is the Miroglio Textile platform made up of three fundamental elements:

- creativity

- innovation

- sustainability

Digital printing is just the first step in implementing the clear choice made by Miroglio Textile to lead the way technologically while maintaining a solid base of environmental sustainability. Partnerships with ink multinationals, textile machinery manufacturers and research institutes have enabled us to reduce our environmental impact, cutting water consumption in PES printing by as much as 92%.

At present, we are working on all the processes up and downstream of the printing, and for 2015-2016 we are preparing a fully-fledged revolution in the world of cellulose fibre printing. In 2014, our E.Volution platform will cater for around 80% of our production.

Every geographical area will be interested in the digital revolution because mass customization is the winning approach to the market universally. However, countries with high labour and energy costs, especially Europe, have been the first to understand the value of a market approach that finally starts out with the needs of customers. Rather than focusing on “price competition”, it is based on the value chain benefiting the end consumer. We like the “shop attraction” and “every day low price” concepts.

Published on: 24/01/2014

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