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Kelli & Sean Donovan
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As a designer label, how does Pure Pod see 'Sustainability' driving fashion and lifestyle world over?

Pure Pod is passionate about sustainability- locally made if possible and ethically produced. As designers and business owners, we see it as our duty to help change the processes that are currently being used in the fashion industry. As the industry is possibly the 3rd highest polluting industry in the world while growing fibers, making fabrics, left over fabric and trims wastage and land fill of old garments and manufacturing waste, all the stakeholders have to come forward to curb this pollution problem.

The task demands joint efforts. If we can help create a market as ethical fashion pioneers, the demand will filter down through from our consumers to manufacturers to growers etc. The more is the demand, the more industry will have to choose from eco-friendly raw materials and processes viz. certified organic fabrics and trims etc. Moreover, we designers get the fabrics that are naturally dyed and organic-certified at not only fiber stage but finished fabric stage too, which will help to reduce the chemical and pollution foot print that the fashion industry does to our planet.

We hope one day this will not be a dream but a reality and a norm in the fashion industry. It will help all the future generations of people and the environment, world over.

Designing for Sustainability

We believe by designing in a sustainable way will positively impact the fashion world. If entire industry teams together- that is from growers, manufacturers, designers, retailers, consumers etc., we can make a change by creating a demand on ethical products.

Also everything that we do in our business, we need to think about its upshots on the planet and people, and thus designers need to design in more responsible way. This involves cost and therefore availability of affordable eco raw materials is prime factor to zest of ethical making. Five years ago this was a costly affair, however now things are improving.

In Australia, for the manufacturing base is scarce, the designers like us have to pay high for sustaining ethical production as raw materials that go into couture viz. organic fabrics is costly here. In gradual course, Pure Pod may venture for off-shores sourcing.


Published on: 20/01/2012

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