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Where is the production of uniforms done?

Always best to produce under own supervision
One of the most important steps in designing uniforms is the place the production will be carried out--in-house or through vendors. Fibre2Fashion asked some top corporatewear designers about their preference.

We prefer to produce in-house and have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Noida, where all international health and safety standards are followed. To ensure that the design is translated perfectly into production, it is always best that it is produced under our own supervision. However, if there are logistics or other concerns of the client, we are open to the production being managed by them and yet remain involved in the entire process from start to finish. Certain countries have restrictions on imports. In such cases, vendors are recommended by us as per the client's comfort and requirement for manufacturing locally.

My company creates quick, accurate and efficient samples and prototypes in an exclusive workshop studio. We are equipped to handle all order sizes-from small to large. With our strategic tie-ups with Unisources India (a star trading house) and Pure Cotton India Ltd (a sourcing company), we have access to fabric mills and factories across the globe ensuring competitive prices and deliverables.

The entire production whether it is six sets or 200+ are all made in-house. Each set may comprise 2-5 pieces per set and last a minimum of two years.

The projects are broken down into two phases. For phase one, I provide the design along with sketches and a sample for which I charge a fixed design fee and phase two is where I provide the facility of production at production cost. The client has the option of just getting the designs and getting the production done themselves, or I can do both for them.

This article was first published in the April 2021 edition of the print magazine.

Published on: 03/06/2021

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