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Ms. Suzanne Kerpel
Ms. Suzanne Kerpel
Marketing Director

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Manufacturer of specialized sports compression apparel.


How big is the market for compression clothing in global market? Tell us about technological advancements and challenges faced by this segment.

The compression clothing market is very large and there is huge potential in this market. The demand for compression garments is strong in athletic regions, like North America, Australia, Western Europe, Scandinavia and South America, all of which have growing fitness and running communities.

There are many new technologies being tested in the compression clothing sector that in a few years from now could probably be the new standard. When we discovered seamless machinery, we saw its immediate application in clothing for athletes because the technology allows for unique designs and fabrics to be utilized.

The world continues to go mobile with phones, tablets and smart devices. People want to be constantly connected and this gives us the opportunity to develop as well as incorporate the technologies into clothing that will adopt. We never thought that fabrics that are so durable and comfortable could exist and on top of it all, they can be embedded with electronics for increased functionality.

We think there is a lot of room and potential for the development of smart apparel and wearable technology. This will also allow for customization and creation of products we have not even dreamt of. Electronics embedded into our fabrics and apparels will likely provide a large amount of useful information for the wearer in real time and it will be easier to share and collaborate with others.

The world itself will be more connected, which will lead to people being more knowledgeable and more empowered through smart clothing.

3D printing technology is another new innovation in the field of compression clothing. It can enable an unprecedented level of intellectual collaboration through crowdsourcing, creating new designs and products that we have not thought of.

However, the major challenge faced by the compression clothing sector is lack of education. While many athletes are seen wearing compression, there are many misconceptions about the benefits of it. Many people think that the tighter a compression garment is the better. But it is not true. In reality, athletes require a level of compression that they can utilize throughout long training periods and still feel comfortable.  

Published on: 17/09/2013

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