MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most common personality assessment in the world. Around 2 million people across the world take MBTI annually. Analyzing your personality will not just help you to choose a suitable career but also help you to understand your behaviors to deal with colleagues, friends, and your partner too.

MBTI provides you a lot many insights into all the aspects of life – career, relationships, social, spiritual and emotional.

Here’s an overview of how MBTI work, especially from the career prospective.

The MBTI has four major 4 categories, determining 16 different personality types.

-     Preference for a focus on the inner world (Introversion, “I”), or the other world (Extroversion, “E”);

-     Focus on basic knowledge as it’s taken in (Sensing, “S”), or on interpreting and adding meaning to the knowledge (Intuition, “N”);

-     Preference for logic in decision-making (Thinking,” T”), or on people and special circumstances (Feeling, “F”): and the last

-     Preference for concluding (Judging, ”J”) or being open to new information (Perceiving,” P”).

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Defining by these 4 major categories, 16 different personality types are determining individual tendencies towards these categories. Here we’ve covered 8 amazing personalities.

However, you may already know which of these tendencies you possess, but a former analysis though Myer-Briggs system can help you discover insights about your personality and habits that you didn’t realize before.


The Healer - The individuals are driven by personal values, vision, and inspirations. They want to engage with projects and causes that feel important to them.

INFPs are creative and innovative individuals and they love the process of creative problem solving, and they usually come up with their original ideas to improve the circumstances of people.

Caring and creative INFPs tend to choose careers that allow them to express their individuality and their personal values. They work in helping the profession where they can bring their compassion and empathy to heal others. You will also find them in creative and artistic occupations that allow them to think freely and be their unique selves.


The Counselor- Individuals are driven by envisioning, plan, and principles. INFJs are focused on the task of bettering the human condition. They believe strongly in turning their ideas into reality, creating constructive change for other people. They are organized and prefer work that allows them to complete projects in an orderly manner.

Individuals are often independent and prefer a quiet work environment. They seek the opportunity to fully develop their own thoughts and ideas.

INFJs prefer jobs that allow them to use their creativity in an independent, organized environment to develop and implement a vision that is consistent with their personal values.


The Teacher – ENFJ individuals are an enthusiastic problem- solvers, and they put their strong intuition about people to good use. Teachers strive for cooperation and work best in a harmonious environment. They love to support other people and encourage their growth.

Individuals are attracted to leadership roles, they are best at organizing people to take out the best of their unique talents. They have a strong vision for their work and enjoy using creativity to develop innovative initiatives with a humanitarian focus.

ENFJs appreciate teamwork. They like to work in an organization where they can use resources to put their ideas into action. The perfect work environment for an ENFJ is forward-thinking and people-centered with a clear humanitarian mission. They emphasis more on constructive action.

For ENFJ, the ideal job is the one where they can develop and implement ideas to improve the circumstances and well-being of other people.


The Champion – The individuals are concerned with using their creativity to express themselves and benefit others. ENFPs are driven by vision and inspiration. They enjoy taking on creative or people-centered problems that call for an imaginative and original solution.

ENFPs are motivated by their beliefs in humanitarian causes and want work that is consistent with their core values. They love to help others to grow as individuals. They tend to choose careers that allow them to pursue ideals of personal growth and artistic expression.

Individuals don’t like routine work and want a variety of tasks and challenges. They seek out fun and novel tasks that allow them to be imaginative and relate to other people in an unstructured, supportive way. The perfect work environment for an ENFP is relaxed and friendly, with a few restrictions on creativity.

Individuals prefer jobs that allow them to follow their inspiration, satisfy their curiosity. Moreover, they enjoy developing solutions that benefit people in innovative and original ways.


The Mastermind – Individuals are master at creating and implementing innovative solutions to analytical problems. INTJs are masterminds to see a possibility for improvement within a complex system. They are organized and determined to implement their ideas for change.

INTJs are comfortable with abstraction and theory but turning ideas into reality satisfies them the most. The individuals enjoy working independently or with a few members team, taking calculative, strategic steps to implement change.

Individuals enjoy working with logical systems that they can understand in depth. They enjoy the challenges of comprehending complex ideas and want to understand how they can improve the way things work.

INTJs enjoy working in an environment which is logical, efficient, structured, and analytical, and with colleagues that are competent, intelligent, and productive. The perfect job for an INTJ is where they can use their analytical skills to solve a problem in a challenging environment. They love to take responsibility for implementing their ideas to create efficient and innovative systems.


The Commander – Individuals are drawn to leadership positions that allow them to develop strategies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. They prefer to be in supervisory or management roles and want the ability to initiate and lead organizational change.

ENTJs wallow in the challenge of solving different problems and understanding complex systems. That’s how they determine where improvement is possible. They see opportunities to improve the system and want to lead the team to carry out their vision. They appreciate innovation.

ENTJs like structure at work. They like to evaluate their work based on a set of clear guidelines. They appreciate the businesslike and fair environment, where performance is evaluated objectively and rewarded generously.

Individuals are motivated, hardworking and like to be recognized for their efforts with money, prestige, and power. The ideal workplace for ENTJ values competence and logical thinking and includes coworkers who are ambitious and intelligent. An ideal job for an ENTJ is one that challenges them to address complex problems with strategic planning and goal-centric.


The Visionary – Individuals are driven by applying innovative solutions to challenging problems for the betterment of systems. ENTPs have an entrepreneurial approach to their work. Individuals approach tasks in a casual and unstructured way, with few limitations on their ingenuity.

Individuals have the competency and often want to be the expert. They enjoy work that demands continual improvements in their knowledge and skills. They value power most and seek a career that connects them with powerful people. And, the opportunity to boost their influence.

ENTPs perform best when their work is highly conceptual. They love to solve problems creatively without having to think through the details. They perform best in an intellectually challenging environment without being rigid, with creative and intelligent coworkers.

ENTPs want jobs where individuals can put their creativity to develop innovative ideas while allowing them to delegate responsibility for the tedious details of implementation to others.


The Architect – Individuals are motivated to solve complex problems in an original, innovative way. INTPs like to analyses systems and ideas thoroughly to create a deep understanding and enjoy designing creative solutions to highly abstract problems.

The architects believe in finding their path to innovation instead of following organizational traditions. They prefer to focus on creating the idea and to leave the tedious details of implementation to others.

Individuals work best independently or with a small team. They like to work with smart, competent, and logical colleagues. They quickly tire of colleagues who are aggressive or overbearing and can be dismissive of people who aren’t as clever as themselves.

The perfect organization for an INTP is flexible and non-traditional and values ingenuity over conformity. An ideal job for an INTP allows them to address complex theoretical or technical problems with creative and novel solutions.

Hopefully, you are aware of what job suits your personality best. If your personality is not covered here, we’ll be soon back with other 8 personalities.

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