The global recruitment industry a highly exciting space is brimming with interesting challenges given the ever-evolving trends. Imagine posting a job opening and getting a sea of unqualified applicants! That would be such a futile exercise

Hiring the right employees in the textile industry, or any industry for that matter, might seem a piece of cake on the surface. However, scouting the best talent can be overwhelming and take a toll on the HR professionals.

Learning about the challenges in today's hiring ecosystem can help address them in better ways. Here are the top 3 challenges faced by modern recruiters.

Skilled Labor Shortage

Arent we all familiar with how hiring the wrong fit can affect client satisfaction and organizational productivity?

According to a 2015 Jobvite survey, 58% recruiters find their biggest challenge in hiring quality talent to be the lack of qualified workers. Finding candidates who have the needed skills, competencies and relevant experience for a particular position is getting increasingly difficult. Moreover, in the absence of a data-driven approach to hiring, the process becomes even more painful.

Ineffective Hiring Process
Attracting top talent in the candidate-driven market needs the HR team to get rid of antiquated hiring practices. More importantly, using the right recruitment softwares is crucial to speeding up the hiring process, cutting through the noise and catching the attention of quality candidates.

Retaining Millennials

By 2030, millennials will form about 75% of the global workforce. Owing to the changing job market in an increasingly globalised world, the millennials - a newly flexible workforce are more prone to switching jobs.

With a lack of candidate commitment and a higher rate of millennial job-hopping, retention has become a prominent issue for recruiters.

The recruitment industry thrives on the backs of talented and industrious people. In this increasingly saturated job market, implementing smart hiring practices and being proactive, thus, become the order of the day.  Doing so will help you overcome the aforementioned challenges and stay at the top of your game.