In the battle of the best talent, recruiters are failing to find the right ones. Today's fashion recruitment is going through a massive transformation. Probably the reason being super-connectivity of the world.

Traditional recruitment is no more helping fashion recruiters to hire the best talent, recruitment landscape has been changed inside-out. Candidates are no more waiting in the dark to get a positive response from the companies. Now, Traditional Recruitment has moved to Modern Recruitment.

The modern recruitment era is demanding a quick response, more attention, super flexibility, and career development at the same time. The fashion industry is struggling to keep pace with the rate of change in the "new world of work" where innovation is constant.

Considering the ever-evolving trends of recruitment - here we have come up with some "must have" trends for the fashion industry. These trends will surely make you think outside the box.

1) Social Media: In today's digital era, social media is one of the coolest trends for Human Resource. According to Recruiter Nation Survey, 92% recruiters are using social media to hire the best talent and here I'm not only talking about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook also play a vital role in hiring. Before hiring, recruiters are checking the social profiles of a potential candidate. Fashion recruiters are using social networks to get more visibility, boost brand awareness, screen the candidate, and increase the engagement. This is one of the best practice fashion recruiters has adopted so far.

2) Recruitment Marketing: Fashion recruiters are continuously looking for strategic marketing to reach top talent. Recruiters are not limiting their hiring process to aptitude, resumes, and interviews. They are promoting their organization in all the possible ways - blogs, videos, apps, social media marketing, and digital marketing to grab the attention of potential candidate. Recruiters are using marketing tools to reach, engage, and attract great employees. Recruitment marketing has enhanced the transparency for both employers and employees. Fashion recruiters are focusing on strategic marketing to build a brand among candidates.

3) Flexible Workforce: In this competitive talent landscape, fashion recruiters are adopting the gig-based business model to attract top talent, promote innovation, and to build a sustainable business model. According to a study conducted by The Appen Institute, 60% of companies have shifted to gig-based model and 70% of employers predict the more companies will shift to gig-based labor model in the upcoming future. The flexible workforce has become a way to do business tuned to achieve a common goal shared by both the organization and the individual. The fashion industry has come a long way to trust gig-based business model to reduce overhead expenses, enhance engagement and access to talent, and to increase the productivity with qualitative outputs. A flexible workforce is the fastest- growing trend in the fashion industry that ensures the sustainability of the business.

4) Personal Touch: Talent recruiters value personal touch the most. Yes! Even in the era of digitalization and globalization. In fact, human interaction has increased over the period as it provides more insights about the candidates and employees. Along with the advancement in recruitment, fashion recruiters still believe in person-to-person connection. Candidates and employees love when recruiters go beyond the automated hiring process, they feel valued and responsible. The fashion industry is getting automated in almost all aspects of hiring, recruiters are still holding on personal touch by practicing messaging on social media, video interview, and face-to-face interview and discussions. Many fashion recruiters create a communication schedule to follow it strictly. This trend boosts engagement and builds relationships with high-quality prospects.

Ensure Best Fit

Recruiters need to match up perfectly with the changing technology, mindset, and behaviors of employees. These surefire trends will help fashion recruiters to hire the best and right fit for their organization. Recruiters need to go beyond hiring to keep the best talent for a long time. In the super-connected world, hiring must have become easy but keeping them for the long term has become more challenging.