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The informative Web-Based Seminars or Webinars as well all know it, are a wonderful medium of disseminating knowledge without leaving the comfort of our own places. Our Intelligence Team Experts offer unparalleled access to information, latest market insights, upcoming industry trends, projections & other updates about the the Textile & Apparel industry.

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High Performance Textile Pigment Inks For Sustainable Digital Printing

By : DuPont 12 Mar 2020 07:00 AM ET

Digital printing is driving innovation in textile printing for fashion apparel, home furnishings and soft signage markets. The market evolution is led by shorter runs, ecommerce platforms, design...

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2020 : What's in store for the Textiles & Apparel industry?
2020 : What's in store for the Textiles & Apparel industry?

By : Fibre2Fashion

2019 will be marked as a significant year for the Textiles & Apparel industry. With the developments of US-China trade war, Brexit, WTO hearings,...

Challenges in 2020 for Fashion Retailers
Challenges in 2020 for Fashion Retailers

By : Fibre2Fashion

Fashion industry requires companies to stay nimble and on their toes. In today’s time, fashion retailers cannot take the fast follower approach. The...

US - China Trade War : Impact on Textile & Apparel Sector
US - China Trade War : Impact on Textile & Apparel Sector

By : Fibre2Fashion

Amid the escalating trade tension between US & China and its related uncertainties for the global textile & apparel sector, significant changes are...

Sustainable Sourcing
Is Sustainable Sourcing the future of Apparel Sourcing?

By : Fibre2Fashion

The term ‘sustainability’ is not a new concept in the world of fashion. The sustainable fashion first made waves in the 1970s. Over a period of time, ...

Second- Hand Clothing
Second-Hand Clothing Is Transforming Retail to Attain Sustainability

By : Fibre2Fashion

In recent years, the phenomenon of fast fashion has led to a significant rise in textile waste from 8% in 2013 to 39% in 2018. Resale of clothing has ...

How Activewear Market Is Getting Reshaped Globally?

By : Fibre2Fashion (Sponsored by Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro)

Over the last few years, the activewear market has been rising, owing to major shifts in consumer lifestyles. The activewear category saw growth of...

Global Apparel Market
Global Apparel Market Outlook for 2019

By : Fibre2Fashion

The year 2018 has seen world apparel players witnessing store downsizings and lesser retail growth but increase in sales due to digital market...

New Age Direct-To-Garment Printing Solutions at Lowest Running Costs

By : Kornit Digital

Unlock the potential of a digital garment printing solution that ensures you incur the lowest running cost with a superior print quality. Digital...

Apparel Sourcing
Changing Dynamics In Apparel Sourcing

By : Fibre2Fashion

Efficient sourcing has always been a crucial element for the Apparel Industry and has gained additional significance with rapidly changing consumer...

On-Demand Production
Shorter Run Times and On-Demand Production is the way ahead

By : Kornit Digital

‘SHORTER RUN TIMES, ZERO INVENTORY AND ON-DEMAND PRODUCTION IS THE WAY AHEAD’ - Know how you can meet your customer’s demand in the most...

Athleisure Apparel
How Athleisure will shape the Future of Apparel?

By : Fibre2Fashion

Know in and out of the Athleisure Market and be future-ready!! Get insights straight from Fibre2Fashion’s Market Intelligence Team covering the...

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