Vibrant Body Company urges Victoria's Secret to restrict chemical use

23 Jun '21
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Pic: Vibrant Body Company
Pic: Vibrant Body Company

American intimatewear manufacturer Vibrant Body Company has announced its support for Victoria's Secret’s new branding direction and has urged the newly formed VS Collective and VS Global Fund to incorporate eliminating the unnecessary use of wires and chemicals. Victoria's Secret transition includes model diversity and research projects for women's cancers.

The new branding direction of Victoria’s Secret also includes body and gender inclusivity and racial diversity in its marketing.

"This is a big step for one of the most recognised brands in women's intimates and we applaud this critical initiative, along with the extraordinary group of women and thought leaders they have partnered with. While it is a wonderful and needed step, we urge the VS Collective and the VS Global Fund to incorporate eliminating the unnecessary use of restrictive wires and potentially harmful chemicals in bras and underwear into these new initiatives,” said Michael Drescher, founder of Vibrant Body Company.

The use of potentially harmful chemicals in the US intimates and greater textile industries at large, is virtually unregulated. Europe has banned over 1,000 chemicals in products touching the skin, while the US has banned 40. That means in the US toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, lead, heavy metals and flame retardants can be found in materials used for workout clothes, jeans, baby clothes and yes, bras and underwear, the company said in a press release.

Women need to be concerned about toxic chemicals in their clothing as bras and underwear lay on top of the two of the most porous areas of a woman's body. Heat, moisture and sweat can create off-gassing of any chemicals in the fabrics, dyes and foams, enabling the chemicals to then seep through the skin, like a nicotine or vitamin patch.

"We invite Victoria's Secret and the extraordinary women of the VS Collective to join us in the campaign to demand textile regulations from our government and transition to offering ‘clean’ intimates for women everywhere." said Drescher.

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