Fashion designer Linus Leonardsson joins 'The Guestlist'

20 Feb '20
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Linus Leonardsson. Pic: The GuestList
Linus Leonardsson. Pic: The GuestList

Linus Leonardsson is now part of the Young Talent Collaboration for The Guestlist. Currently based in London, 22-year-old Swedish designer, Linus Leonardsson, recently graduated with an MA in fashion from Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His work centres around a combination of fun and glamour, with a focus on important social issues.

The first and foremost of these is the demolition of gender expectations within fashion, and secondly, a push towards a fully sustainable industry. The core purpose of his collections is to create a feast and fantasy for the eyes, which are impactful and relative to the world in which we all live.

The collaboration with The GuestList came about in the form of an award generously granted by the Südwolle, The Woolmark, Peterseim Strickwaren, and New York fashion designer Karim Guest, following his graduation show at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This combination of technical- and industry-know-how, with fresh ideas straight out of school, is bound to be innovative.

Leonardsson’s previous collection was shown at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019 in Russia. His designs explored adolescent concerns of not fitting in to a grown-up world. Specifically, this collection was set in a forest rave in Stockholm, connecting modern raving culture with new ways of preserving nature and craftsmanship. This is a theme that has been translated into his collaboration with the The GuestList, mostly around contrasts; technical materials versus natural inputs, and daytime-tradition juxtaposing nightlife-freedom are also knitted into his next collection, according to the The Guestlist.

Leonardsson taps into the colours of the Scandinavian sky in the summertime and the promised freedom of rave parties amongst the trees. This extended metaphor plays into his theme for his new collection for the GuestList, with the vision of going against the grain of an industry that is too often marred by unsustainable practices. Working with Karim Guest and the GuestList plays into that tension - aiming to alleviate it somewhat - through creating garments for the future of fashion that are of the highest quality, and can be loved, worn again and again, and revived at the The GuestList’s Cashmere Spa.

Small details, such as frays or plated ribs, add texture to each piece. They are eye-catching, and made to be noticed - both visually and conceptually. His collection for the The GuestList is based on joining the new world together with an old perception of exclusivity and luxury.

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