Adam Harvey designs 'anti-drone' Stealth Wear

13 Mar '13
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New York-based fashion designer Adam Harvey has designed a new clothing line “Anti-Drone”, which protects the wearer from thermal imaging surveillance that is widely used by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones. The metallic fabric used to manufacture the Anti-Drone apparels work by reflecting the wearer’s heat and reducing his/her thermal signature.
Speaking to fibre2fashion, Adam Harvey said, “The Anti-Drone garments are designed with a metalized nylon fabric that protects wearers against the thermal imaging surveillance widely used by UAVs or drones. The fibers that make up the fabric work by reflecting the wearer’s heat and reducing his thermal signature.”
According to him, the apparels were designed with function and mobility in mind. “Stealth Wear’s intention is to raise awareness of advanced forms of surveillance,” he adds.
“We intentionally designed the garments so that they do not completely protect the wearer from thermal detection (an ITAR regulated munition).  This is to clearly illustrate the technology behind the garments by showing the stark contrast between areas of the body which are shielded and those which are exposed,” he informs.
Talking about the technology behind the metallic dress, assistant professor of mechanical engineering-Northwestern University-Chicago, Cheng Sun says, “Metalized fabrics effectively help dissipate the body generated heat to reduce the resulting infrared (IR) radiation.  It may also help to attenuate the IR light as well. So collectively, it helps to reduce the IR signature for the individual wearing the metalized fabric.” 
The anti-drone hoodie is based on a menswear silhouette that is traditionally waterproof and used to protect the wearer's upper body from rain.  The design of hoodie is adapted to protect the wearer from thermal imaging, with the elongation of the hood and shoulders to conceal the face and the upper body.  
The anti-drone burqa and the Anti-Drone Scarf are inspired by Muslim dress.  The burqa has been modernized with sportswear elements such as a removable visor, front zipper and shortened hem length to allow for increased freedom of movement.    

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