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Terra Trendz promotes Recycled Jewelry & eco friendly fashion

02 Jan '10
3 min read

The terms like “Eco Fashion” or “Recycled Jewelry” or “Recycled Gifts” can mean completely different things to different people. Recently, I asked a few friends what it means to them. The answers were all over the place. Some of them thought of it as eco friendly fashion accessories (bingo!), some others thought it to be a marketing gimmick and believed that there is nothing called recycled or green in fashion world while some others kept wondering what it means.

Most people take discussions around topics like “global warming” or “going green” very seriously (and rightly so!). But the funny part is that hardly anyone does anything to make any difference. Of course, no one is to be blamed since the above mentioned terms are either too generic or too big for us to solve. Now think about the little differences we can make to “greenify” our daily lives. I will not bring up the usual stuff about saving energy, using lesser electricity, gas etc. All these things are very important but there is plenty of material available out there. Our school of thought is making “green living” fashionable. What if all our fashion accessories are eco friendly and yet they are beautiful and affordable.

A lot of companies & organizations focus on making big change in our lifestyle to promote eco friendly living. At Terra Trendz, we are trying to promote the same concept but on smaller scale. We believe that small changes have significant impacts. Just imagine the difference made if every woman wanting to make a fashion statement switches to an eco friendly version of jewelry or bag. Let's admit it. Most of us cannot resist buying jewelry or bag or something little for your home every now and then. I am sure none of us thinks about any major environmental impact with such small decisions. But what if we change our habits slightly to buy jewelry that is made from recycled or eco friendly material? That's exactly our point.

Consider for example, you walk in to a store and buy those inexpensive plastic dangle earrings that look pretty. Instead, look at these beautiful earrings at Terra Trendz. They are made from 95% post consumer recycled glass. Does that help change the perspective? If recycled glass jewelry does not suit your taste, check out this pendant made from recycled Scrabble tile.

We at Terra Trendz believe that there shouldn't be any compromise between keeping it Green and keeping one's style. By providing people with a trendy alternate we hope that we can contribute our $0.02 to the earth.

Terra Trendz was formed by a bunch of friends who were bitten by the Green bug when the word was still being associated with "Envy". A lot has changed since then. We hope its for the Greater Good.

Terra Trendz

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