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Nichola brings Freedom Based Message Apparel

03 Apr '10
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"It all started with a passion, to artfully express a deep love of this country and its founding principles," says Nickie Summers, creator of Nichola Originals and Stand Up Be Read. Having a background in business and design, Nickie directed her artistic talents towards message apparel after a pivotal moment. During the presidential campaign of 2008 and the summer of 2009, she observed young adults wearing tee-shirts promoting brutal dictators simply because they look 'cool.'

In response, the retailer Nichola Originals launched their brand Stand Up Be Read on December 16, 2009. Their first design, Question with Boldness followed and since then, Nickie and her team has created six artful designs that include Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

Their collection offers America's youth and trend setting adults designer style tees with a purpose. Each tee is a work of art designed to promote a positive thought provoking message of freedom with a call to action. "All of our designs have the "cool" factor; they also have an element of education through reading," explains Nickie. She adds, "Its rewarding when customers see the tees and say 'ah ah, I get it!!'"

Rasmussen Reports finds that 44% of American voters "strongly disapprove" of the president's performance and 52% of likely voters believe that Tea Partiers understand issues facing Americans better than Congress. A recent Gallop poll reports Congress approval rating hits a near low of 16%. "The message this sends," says Nickie, "is that the majority of people don't like the direction this country is heading. They support movements and leaders that honor the Constitution, individual freedom, and govern according the founding principles...its encouraging to see The People take back their country"

Stand Up Be Read

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