adidas launches world's first smart basketball shoe

22 Nov '05
3 min read

Leading sports company adidas has introduced the world's first intelligent basketball shoe. The shoe, called adidas_1 Basketball, features the award-winning technology that is revolutionizing the sporting goods industry.

The shoe provides intelligent cushioning, meaning it finds the right level of cushioning whatever the players size or movement. It senses an athlete's needs, understands those needs, and instantly adapts itself to be perfect for the player.

The adidas_1 Basketball shoe works on the same principles as the adidas_1 Running shoe. A magnetic sensor in the heel senses the level of compression. This compression level is sent to the shoe's brain, a microprocessor that understands if the cushioning level is too soft or too firm.

This is because while many players land, cut and plant with their toes, the forces generated when the heel contacts the floor cause some of the greatest overcompression. The basketball cushioning element and midsole have a lower profile than the running model, and the layout of the motor cable unit and processor is streamlined to fit the space.

The shoe recognizes different kinds of compression associated with basketball, such as: even, regular compressions for running; quick, extreme compressions for jumping and landing; longer, extreme compressions for cutting.

It filters all the data and develops a player profile, meaning it knows if you are a player who does more running and cutting, or a player that does more jumping and landing. Once it recognizes your style, it adjusts more quickly when you go from running to cutting, or from jumping to running. Adjustments happen every eight steps.

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