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4th China & Asia Textile & Apparel Summit to be held in Shanghai

12 Jun '24
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4th China & Asia Textile & Apparel Summit to be held in Shanghai
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  • The 4th China and Asia Textile and Apparel Summit, organised by GodiAsia, will be held on November 21-22 in Shanghai.
  • Focusing on procurement, production, suppliers, and sustainable development, the event will feature discussions on policy, sourcing strategy, technology upgrades, and sustainability.
  • Fibre2Fashion is the knowledge partner for the event.
The 4th China and Asia Textile and Apparel Summit, organised by GodiAsia, is scheduled to take place on November 21-22, 2024, in the city of Shanghai. This forum aims to promote insight, collaboration, and progress within the textile and apparel industry. Fibre2Fashion is the knowledge partner for the event.

The event acknowledges the pivotal role that China and the broader Asian region play in shaping the global textile landscape. With its rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and innovation, China stands at the forefront of industry evolution, offering a compelling blend of craftsmanship, expertise, and entrepreneurial zeal.

The theme of this year’s summit, ‘Procurement, Production, Suppliers, and Sustainable Development,’ encapsulates the pressing issues and transformative opportunities that define the textile industry today. In a world marked by rapid globalisation and shifting consumer preferences, it is crucial to re-imagine traditional paradigms and embrace new approaches that prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and ethical sourcing practices, GodiAsia said in a press release.

Throughout the summit, 180 representatives from apparel brands, retailers, raw material providers, and heads of textile factories will discuss the development path of the textile industry in China and Asia. Participants will engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders to explore innovative solutions, forge meaningful partnerships, and chart a roadmap for collective success.

The summit will feature in-depth discussions on various themes. The first session will focus on policy, current situation, and opportunities, discussing the current policy environment, market conditions, and future development opportunities, analysing the impact of policy changes on the industry and potential opportunities. The second session will cover sourcing strategy and supply chain digitisation, examining the new dynamics of global and Asian markets in procurement, exploring how to optimise procurement processes, improve supply chain efficiency, and seize new opportunities brought by digital transformation.

The third session will highlight local factories, labour, and technology upgrades, showcasing the latest production technologies and innovations, discussing strategies for achieving efficient production and cost control through technological upgrades, and optimising local factory and labour markets. The fourth session will delve into sustainable development and circular textiles value chain, discussing the latest practices in environmental protection, resource utilisation, and corporate social responsibility, promoting comprehensive implementation of sustainable development and building circular textile value chains.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest industry trends and best practices in procurement, production, manufacturing, supply chain, and sustainable development. Networking with top experts and peers will allow attendees to expand their business network and discover new collaboration opportunities.

Key insights include that sustainable development has become an inevitable trend in the textile industry, and digital transformation is key to improving supply chain efficiency and flexibility.

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