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Continuous processing lines & individual machines of Fleissner at ITMA

16 Jun '07
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Fleissner Machinery for the Textil - Industrie:
In the field of textiles, Fleissner supplies continuous processing lines and finishing systems for loose-stock fibers, tops and fiber tows, woven and knit goods, continuous processing lines for printing and dyeing of tufted carpets, and impregnation lines for tufted and needle felt carpets.

Since the invention of the perforated drum technology, Fleissner has developed time and again new innovative products and thus opened up new applications throughout the entire range of textile industries. This includes, for example, continuous dyeing and printing lines for floor coverings, raw wool scouring lines, thermosol dyeing lines, the anti-felt finishing line.

"Total Easy Care", the TWIN dye liquor application system for carpet dyeing and the HT-SteamSet heatsetting line for tubular goods.

These continuous processing lines and individual machines will be presented by Fleissner at ITMA 2007.

Continuous Processing Lines and Finishing Systems for Loose-Stock Fibers, Tops and Tows:

1.Raw Wool Scouring Line
The wool passes through the bowls without any relative movement with respect to transport elements as, for example, in conventional lines. It is transported instead on suction drums and penetrated uniformly by washing liquor.

This treatment is extremely gentle and effective: Entanglement and felting of wool is prevented, and fiber breakage is avoided. As a result, top yieldsare increased by about 3.5% and staple lengths are up to 8 mm higher.

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