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Munich Fabric Start | Autumn - Winter 19/20 | TRADE EVENT Report by Fibre2Fashion

Munich Fabric Start opens the new season twice every year with a curated portfolio of fabrics ranging from plains to haute couture as well as accessories for all apparel categories. The latest edition saw a record number of visitors, and showcased trends for 2019/20. Regina Henkel reports. The highlights from Munich Fabric Start: - Munich Fabric Start showed its best side while presenting the new fabric trends for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 - Style breaks are still popular: high fashion vs no fashion, futurist vs realist, optimist vs activist - Women’s fashion - Dark colours are being considered a trend and come in dark purple, brown, grey and petrol. - Men’s fashion - Denim remains important as a contrast generator and decisive accent. - The current Bluezone was the strongest and best-occupied in its history. - Sourcing in transition - Digital design - New sustainable technologies