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Why to submit articles at Fibre2Fashion Article Directory?

Get global recognition by publishing your articles in Fibre2fashion Article Directory. Our portal is visited by more than 1 million visitors per month from more than 190 countries. Massive exposure to the writers assures that they have made a correct decision by investing their precious time in submitting articles to fibre2fashion.com

Which topics we include in our article directory?
  • Textile :
    Textile industry review/outlook, Textile manufacturing, Textile market trends.
  • Apparel :
    Apparel manufacturing, garment manufacturer, garment label, garment factory.
  • Technology :
    New technical developments in Textile & Garment industry, fabricated textile product, textile design, textile machinery and part wholesale, nonwoven textile, CAD/CAM software, RFID etc
  • Fashion :
    Shows, trends, designer collection, fashion reviews, fashion design, fashion designer, fashion model, men-women fashion, design schools, fashion merchandising, fashion schools
  • Retail :
    Retail industry reviews, retailers, retail market outlook, retail shopping, retail store, retail display, retail merchandising.
  • General :
    Management strategies, Management articles, Business planning, Branding, Marketing etc.
  • Industry :
    Market economies, Region wise textile Industry information
  • Leather, Footwear & Jewellery :
    Latest trends in Leather, Footwear & Jewellery, Manufacturing & Retailing processes
  • Software :
    Textile related Applications & Software solutions
  • Dyes & Chemicals :
    Textile Dyes & Chemicals, Dyeing methods, Usage & Impact
  • Handloom & Handicraft :
    Hand woven products, Embroidery patterns, Cottage Industries
  • Machinery :
    Textile related Machines, Innovations, Technologies
  • Technical Textile :
    Agro Textiles, Automobile Textiles, Clothing Textiles, Construction Textiles, Geo Textiles, HomeTech Textiles, Industrial Textiles, Medical Textiles, Non-Woven Textiles, Oekotech Textiles, Packaging Textiles, Protective Textiles, Raw Material, and Sports Textiles.
Who can submit articles at fibre2fashion?

  • Journalists
  • Industry Analysts, Experts & Consultants
  • Research & Economic Analysts
  • Professors
  • Fashion designers
  • Freelance Writers and Authors
  • Students
How to submit article

To submit article for fibre2fashion you have to fill up the below form and email us a sample article pertaining to the Textile/Apparel/Fashion Industry for evaluation.

Points to be considered while contributing an article:
  • Please make sure that your article constitutes a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1000 words
  • Please make sure that the article is free of all copyright issues and has original content. ( text copied from online or other sources will not be considered original)
  • Kindly keep your article free of all promotional material. (Ignore mentioning  brand names or product names)
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In case we receive a republication request for your article from any website or magazines we will assure that due creditability is given to you.

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