By: Kelley Robertson

Virtually every person in sales experiences price objections. Unfortunately, the majority of sales people take the wrong approach and try to box customers into a corner by asking questions such as:

�If I can do that price do we have deal?�
�Is that the only thing holding back?�
�What do I need to do to earn your business?�
�If I can offer a solution would you be willing to buy today?�
�What do I have to do to get you into that unit?�

Give me a break! These are nothing more than manipulative sales tactics that, ultimately, make a
customer feel uncomfortable and coerced into buying the product or service.

The real key to solving objections is to work at eliminating them altogether. You can accomplish this by investing more time qualifying your customer. Salespeople who ask more questions generally face fewer objections during the selling process. The reason is simple�they uncover potential objections early in the sales cycle. Questions that will help you uncover potential objections include:

�Who else is involved in this decision?�

The purpose of this question is to establish who else has input in the decision making process. If
someone else has influence on the final decision you may end up spinning your wheels trying to close the sale without her present.

�What time frame are you working with?�

This question is much more effective than asking, �When were you looking to buy?� which can put
people on the defensive.

�Who else are you talking to?�

This helps you understand what other vendors or companies are bidding on the project. This can assist you in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

�What was your experience with�?�

Based on the customer�s previous experience(s) you can now position your product or service to exceed their experience at your competitor. These questions will draw out information from your customer. This information then allows you to position your product or service in a manner that best suits the customer�s needs and wants. I�ve had many salespeople in my workshops question this line of thinking and approach with objections such as:

�Asking all these questions takes too long.�
�People won�t give me the answers I�m looking for.�
�I�ve tried this and it doesn�t work.�
�I�ve been given a script to use for every objection so I don�t need to do this.�
�My customers care only about price so it doesn�t matter what questions I ask.�