1. Abstract

Polyester Microfibres offer higher levels of value addition in the Textile Supply Chain. However, the large internal surface area, much larger than with conventional polyester fibres, poses particular problems to the processor. This applies especially to the chemical preparation and dyeing stages.

The dyeing of microfibres is an extensive subject. There is insufficient space in this column to cover the question fully. It is hoped that the basic principles are outlined here, sufficiently to tempt interested readers to further their research by reference to the book about to be published entitled Polyester World.

2. Full Article

2.1 The Emerging World of Textiles

It is assumed here that the world of textiles has divided into three sectors (Fig 1).

Fig 1. The World of Textiles

Synthetic Microfibres should certainly be regarded as a higher value added sector driven by Niche Performance.

  • The subject of Microfibres covers both Polyester and Nylon.

  • This study focuses on Polyester.

  • Important issues covered here include :

o        manufacture

o        preparation

o        dyeing

o        finishing

  • This memorandum does not cover garment confection.