Fabric Drape is one of the important properties of the flexible material influencing the aesthetic appearance and functionality of fabrics. Therefore, investigation into drape parameters is important for analyzing its behavior. Drape Parameters were investigated from different aspects with the Drape meter and Image Analyzer. Usually, drape is considered as a static, time independent shows that the drape coefficient of a fabric changes significantly over a long period. Furthermore, the comparison of drape parameters is shown using samples with two Different Diameters .The large sample have smaller drape coefficients than with smaller diameters and their drape is less changeable over time. The three dimensional fabric drapes is not an independent fabric property, therefore the drape coefficient is studied. Drape ability effect of seaming the fabrics in warp, weft and radial directions are measured and Drape Co-efficient is evaluated. Seaming effect is measured by varying the seam length.


Generally, Drape is a qualitative term because it is usually assessed by human eye. The subjective evaluation of fabric drape can provide an understanding of human perception and fashion trends but the results are inconsistent because of personal preference and changes in fashion trend changes. Thus, it is desirable to have effective objective evaluation of fabric drape. In 1950s, Chu developed a drape meter, which was further modified by Cusick in 1960 s. It gives a more realistic evaluation of fabric drape because three-dimensional fabric drape profiles that contributed to the understanding of the nature of fabric drape.

Drape ability of a fabric refers to the manner in which the fabric falls, shapes, gathers or flows with gravity on a model form or on a human body, as well as on furniture and wall hangings.Drape is a term, which describes the unique characteristic of a fabric under its own weight, supported at some parts of it. It is a smooth three dimensional folding of a fabric.

Drape Co-efficient can be calculated by using Image Processing Method by using Matt Lab. The drape quality and drape appearance of garments are improved by considering the seams namely warp wise seam, weft wise seam and radial seam. The effects of seam allowance and seam position are investigated experimentally. Investigating drape on seamed fabrics can improve apparel design and fabric end-use applications. Drape can be evaluated by using Cusicks Drapemeter. Seam length can be varied and drape is analyzed.

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Mrs. J.Mythili is PG Scholar, Department of Textile Technology, Jaya Engineering College Thiruninravur, India and Mr. D.Vasanth Kumar is Lecturer, Department of Textile Technology (MMFT) Thiagarajar Polytechnic College Salem, India