India is rich in her tradition and craft particularly intextiles which has reached a certain amount of sophistication andprofessionalism over a period of years. The textile designs and motifs havesymbolic significance, and they indicate heritage of people and their beliefs.These knowledge systems have significant and relevance not only to its holderbut to the rest of the humanity. This needs to be passed on to the cominggenerations.

Thepresent study was an attempt to document the printed silk scarves ofFarrukhabad, which are famous for its Indian traditional delicate designs. Themajor objective of the research was to document the motifs, color and itsplacement in the scarves selected from different decades for documentation.

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The authors areassociated with The Clothing and Textiles Department, Faculty of Family andCommunity Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India.