After you reach a certain point in life, there are several products you will need just to feel like a fully functioning adult woman. Whether you have already created a wardrobe for the 30s or are planning to start investing in statement pieces, there are some wardrobe items that every woman must have so that you are prepared for any situation that comes up in life. All of us love the lace black dress but what about the white sneakers that you can wear with several outfits? Here are some items that are essential for all grown-up women looking to live their best life.

1. The perfect pair of jeans - Whether you call it one of the basics, classic, or epitome of grace, the perfect pair of jeans is what every woman should own. You may like it skinny, cropped, or distressed, just find the pair that works best for you and enhances your curves. No matter the age, we love our jeans and they are never going out of style. The easiest to pair and comfortable to wear, jeans will always remain a favourite. Look for the cut, colour, and style that works for you.

2. A silk blouse - Women love silk and when it can be worn with different outfits, it becomes a favourite in no time. Invest in a stylish silk blouse that can be worn with a pencil skirt when heading to work or can be paired with a pair of jeans for a brunch on the weekend. Try experimenting with the neck and sleeves to add an element of drama.

3. A classic dress- We can call it a boardroom dress. The power dress can take you from the conference room to a party without any extra effort. The well-fitted dress is a must-have if you are someone who is always painting the town red. You do not need to carry an extra pair of outfit if you have a party to attend after work. This dress will effortlessly go from day to night and will make you look classic and stylish at all times.

4. A party dress- All of us deserve to let our hair down and party once in a while. You need a special dress for this occasion but not too many. Invest in a stylish party dress that can be worn for dinners as well as parties. A fun little number, maybe with ruffles or sequins can do the trick. Fashionnova recommends keeping the party dress a little classic so it never goes out of trend.

5. Matching suit - The power suit is back in trend and it is here to stay. It is one suit that can immediately make you look stylish, well-dressed, and in power. Choosing the right colour is the trick here. Keep your skin tone in mind and choose a colour that complements it. The matching suit is a must-have for professionals but it is not restricted to office or professional environment.

6. Black pumps - One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe after the white tee is black pumps. Once you pass out of university, you need to invest in pumps that are comfortable, top quality, and sleek. They work well with any outfit and will never go out of style. Just put on black pumps with your outfit, and you are ready to rock.

7. Classic trench - The one thing that never goes out of style is a classic trench. It is an investment you must make in your wardrobe. When the weather is cold enough for a parka, reach out for the trench and it will elevate your style quotient in no time. The trench coat adds an extra layer while adding style and personality to the outfit. Pick a colour that blends with your skin type.

8. Formal dress - When you have to attend a wedding, a charity event, or a gala, your go-to is a formal dress. It is a must-have in your wardrobe for big occasions. You can choose a stylish black or red dress with the right cuts and style.

9. White tee - There is nothing as comfortable as a classic white tee. Pick one that fits you well and is long-lasting. The tee should not look worn out after a few washes. A white tee can go with anything and always looks classic. You do not need to worry about styling it. The tee can be paired with shorts, jeans, or pants. It is always flattering, and you can never go wrong with it.

These 9 things are a must-have for grown women who go from the boardroom to a dinner party and from brunches to shopping. The outfits will never go out of style and allow you to add your classic twist to them.