Interview with Angelo Leung

Angelo Leung
Angelo Leung
Regional Sales Director
Guangdong Asiatex Textiles
Guangdong Asiatex Textiles

We focus on fashion trends, marketing to remain competitive

Guangdong Asiatex Textiles provides international and domestic apparel manufacturers with a full range of quality trouser fabric solutions. Its main products include yarn dyed smart casual fabrics and denim fabrics. Fibre2Fashion spoke to Angelo Leung, Regional Sales Director of Guangdong Asiatex about the company's role in the Chinese textile market, its USP and the types of innovations it plans to bring into its business in future.

What is the market size of denim fabrics in China? What is its annual consumption in domestic market?

The market size of denim is very huge in China. An average person buys around 5-20 pieces of jeans per year.

Which are your major products? What is their annual production rate?

Our major products are denim and smart casual yarn dyed fabric. We produce around 200 fabric types per year.

What are the number of swatches that your library boasts of for denim and yarn dyed fabrics? What is your USP as a company?

In denim, we have around 300 items, in yarn dyed it is about 600 items. Our USP lies in the motto Inherit|Ingenuity|Infinite|Innovation|.

What are the new fabric trends seen in the Chinese market related to your niche?

The new fabric trends seen in the Chinese market are with respect to colour, composition, construction, pattern, new functional properties.

What new technologies and innovations do you plan to implement?

We plan to implement garment technologies with properties like - eco-friendly, organic, Heattech, capable of moisture absorption and sweat release, Dobby Chic, fancy fashion, skin-friendly, anti-microbial, etc.

What are the means by which you incorporate sustainability in the production process?

For sustainability, we use BCI cotton, recycled polyester, dynamic dyeing process, etc.

In terms of pricing behaviour, where is the highest growth expected for your products? What factors are contributing to such behaviour?

For yarn dyed products, the highest growth is expected in Europe, US, South Asia, Big Asia - that have very good retail markets and in other markets like South Asia, Africa etc, whose garment chain pricing is very competitive. 

The global textile industry is highly competitive with players developing new strategies to reach their customers in the most effective and efficient way. What are your proven strategies?

We focus on fashion trends, marketing, keep good price on good quality, update our equipments from time to time, etc to remain competitive in the market.

What are your future plans?

  1. Make the price more competitive
  2. Invest more on innovation and development
  3. Attend international textile and fashion fairs 
  4. Update our equipments from time to time
Published on: 27/02/2020

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