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Interview with Carmen Silla

Carmen Silla
Carmen Silla
Marketing & Communications Manager

Textiles industry now ready for circular economy

Leading the transformation of the textiles industry with disruptive technologies: laser, ozone and eflow technologies, Jeanologia promises enhanced productivity, reduced water and energy consumption and eliminating damaging emissions and waste. Marketing and communications manager Carmen Silla talks about the recognition of Jeanologia from top fashion brands and big retailers and elaborates on the company's plans for ITMA Barcelona from June 20, 2019.

What technologies did you show at this edition of ITMA Asia?

We showed a laundry line concept called 5.0, which is a smarter and efficient laundry machine. It is a combination of our various technologies like Laser, Ozone, Eflow and Zero Discharge. Our objective has always been to reduce usage of water, as also reduction of effluents and thereby make the production process more sustainable.

How much water would be saved by using this technology compared to conventional machines?

We can safely say that using this technology would ensure water savings of around 80 per cent. There will be zero pollution from this machine. 

How did the first nine months of 2018 fare for your company?

This year has been good for Jeanologia. The mindset of the industry is changing and is also ready for change and accept newer technologies. The change has been gradual, but with tougher government laws, they know they need to embrace the latest technologies to meet environmental norms.

To how many countries to you export?

We are exporting to around 60 countries.

What are you planning to show at ITMA Barcelona?

We will be showing something similar, but that technology will be one step ahead in our objective to reduce water and chemical consumption. (RR)
Published on: 06/11/2018

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