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Interview with Drishti Anand

Drishti Anand
Drishti Anand

LDU is disrupting the $100 billion Indian fashion industry
Tired of returning or exchanging clothes they bought, Drishti Anand and Aditya Balani started LetsDressUp (LDU) in 2019 with a mission to revolutionise the global fashion industry. LDU is the first company to launch a size chart based on actual measurements of 2,000+ Indians, increasing the probability of the outfit fitting in the first attempt up to 98 per cent. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, LDU Co-founder and fashion enthusiast Drishti Anand discusses the brand’s challenges, growth, and future plans.

How and when did you start LetsDressUp?

I have been fashion-conscious from an early age and have understood the positive impact that dressing well can have on a woman’s confidence. However, the journey of finding the right outfits was harrowing, especially as my body type changed over time. After discussing with my friends, family, and eventually over 2,000 women, I realised that this was a common pain point.
Through my secondary research, I discovered that 2 out of every 3 Indians were dissatisfied with the clothes they purchased and that almost 30-40 per cent of the clothes bought online were returned due to issues with size and style. This only intensified the problem.
It was then that I decided to take it upon myself to solve a problem that had existed for so long but was largely ignored by everyone. This is how LetsDressUp (LDU) was born – I call it my first baby. Today, our platform offers a range of sizes from XS to 8XL, unmatched by the biggest brands, and we are building India’s most size-inclusive apparel brand.

How has the brand evolved since then?

Today, we are rebuilding the broken segments of the fashion ecosystem, which involves the consumer, the manufacturer, and the environment, to create a win-win situation for all. LDU creates sizes that fit the Indian body better than foreign size charts like the UK, US etc. At LDU, we have successfully managed to reduce the return rate to <3 per cent, which is 10 times better than the industry standards.
We have improved the lives of many Indian manufacturers by reducing their payment cycles to just 1-2 weeks, compared to the industry average of 3-4 months. Our ‘zero dead’ inventory model helps reduce the pollution caused by burning or dumping unsold inventory.

Why did you choose to get into womenswear?

As I mentioned, I have personally experienced the painful journey of finding the right fit. I believe in the power of dressing up and the confidence it can bring. I want every woman to feel empowered, regardless of her size. Additionally, until now, India did not have a standardized size chart, which is why our focus is solely on womenswear.

Why did you choose to get into womenswear?

Where are your clothes made?

We have a nimble supply chain with manufacturers in India. We do not depend on any external markets like China, Vietnam etc.

How do you decide on the design, style, and colours?

We have a customer first approach. Leveraging technology, we identify the trending styles and design them digitally. By utilising data as a guide, only the most successful silhouettes are chosen for production, resulting in ‘zero dead’ inventory.

Which are your major markets in India?

We are an online platform catering to the pan-India audience. Besides tier 1 cities, women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities also love us too much.

Which price points work well in womenswear?

I don’t think it is the price alone that matters. Women focus on the worth or value of an item, which includes factors such as quality, fit, style, and versatility. And that's exactly what we do! Our outfits are priced at ₹999, making them accessible to the women of Bharat, unlike other brands, where the pricing is mostly not inclusive.

Which price points work well in womenswear?

What are some of the challenges you face being a young e-commerce brand?

The return rate in the fashion industry has been one of the biggest challenges. It is as high as 30-40 per cent. However, we are proud to have brought it down to less than 3 per cent.

What has been your growth story for the last two years?

We have grown from ~₹1 crore to ~₹10 crore annualised revenue over the last 6 months with healthy unit economics. Through product quality, size inclusivity, and operational efficiency, we have built a rapidly growing community of 20,000+ users and an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of over 50. Customer love is evident, with a rating of 4.8/5 on Google and Facebook.

What are the future plans for LetsDressUp?

LDU has received strong validation from our community and the backing of top VCs in India, such as Titan Capital, as well as marquee angels like Sweta Rao. Considering our recent growth, we have received multiple organic investment-related interests. LDU is disrupting the $100 billion Indian fashion industry and is headed towards building Fashion 2.0 for the globe, revolutionising the way the world dresses up.

Published on: 15/02/2023

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