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Interview with Yogesh Kanani

Yogesh Kanani
Yogesh Kanani
Purani Textiless Pvt Ltd
Purani Textiless Pvt Ltd

Demand for microfibre blended yarns will be huge

Incorporated in 1999, Purani Textiless Private Limited is a leading spinning mill in South India. The Coimbatore-headquartered company manufactures blended yarns for making fabrics in woven and knitting. The company has an installed capacity of 6,000 spindles. CEO (Marketing) Yogesh Kanani converses about the market for microfibre yarns.

Please tell us about the latest innovation at Purani Textiless.

Purani Textiless is exclusive and consistent in the speciality niche of manufacturing MMFblended yarn using microfibres. We provide high quality and trustworthy innovative products.

How eco-friendly is your innovative yarn?

Our yarn is eco-friendly since our raw material is green. We usually do not use auxiliaries while processing the spun yarn. Because of high room temperatures in summers, we use an anti-static over-spray to control static for ease of processing. This over-spray is fully water soluble, eco-friendly and biodegradable. The quantity is very negligible, about 0.1-0.12 per cent to the weight of the fibre.

What is the USP of your product? How is it different from your counterparts?

We believe more in unique value proposition (UVP) of our product quality and performance during use, down the value chain at various stages. Since our yarn is imbibed with best UVPs like excellent product run and less material value loss in each stage of processing, it provides comfort to the wearer, durability and high levels of hygiene.

Tell us about the technology used to manufacture this innovative yarn.

Innovative methods of handling of microfibres in all stages of spinning processes, right from preparation to parameters in vogue at every process stage are used at Purani. We follow quality checking procedures along with due and delicate care in all spheres of yarn making. We also deploy qualified and the right personnel for work.

What applications do you foresee for this yarn? What garments / textile products is it ideal for?

The yarn can be used across all clothing segments of fine and superfine varieties (woven and knitted) like shirtings, dress materials, kidswear, innerwear and outerwear.

How many manufacturers make blends in micro-spun polyester and micro-spun viscose?

Very few make blends, since most players are mass commodity yarn producers. In addition to this, manufacturing of micro-polyester-spun blends require high level of customisation and innovation.

What is the demand for the micro blended yarns in India and abroad?

The demand for these microfibre blended yarns would be huge globally due to extreme climatic changes as a result of global warming in the days and years to come.

What is the annual production of the yarn and what amount is exported abroad?

The usage of microfibres in blended spun yarns started in a gradual manner a decade ago with use in the minor component of the blend by major spinners for medium and coarser yarn counts. The use of these microfibres is ideally suited for fine and superfine counts. But we innovated this use for medium fine and fine counts due to the attributes of best softness, feel and handle depiction in fabrics. The production of this yarn could be approximately 1,000 tons per annum- an approximate estimate. The scope for enhanced volume of production depends on global customer awareness and demand for clothing with such aesthetics. Japan is the main country for such products since consumers in general prefer fine and superfine clothing. (HO)
Published on: 12/06/2019

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