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Victor Chao
Victor Chao

‘In future, clothing boundary lines will become increasingly blurred.’

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Could you describe the global market for sportswear? Which are the upcoming sourcing spots for sportswear fabric? What innovations and trends can be expected in this category?

The sportswear market continues to grow as people demand more comfort during exercise. To meet the needs of a variety of different sports and of different markets, a large number of new technologies are being developed not only for active wear, but also for everyday casual and dress wear. Consumers want the comfort of workout clothes in everyday clothes. With advancements in technology and innovation, the industry can now meet those demands. 

Depending on the passage and implementation of the TPP agreement, Vietnam could become a larger supplier in the future, and India is gaining some share as a sportswear supplier.  Countries like Taiwan and Japan are beginning to rely on advanced technology and innovation, making their products more competitive.

Air permeability and moisture absorption performance will improve, and clothes will become more lightweight and more comfortable for prolonged wear. Future sportswear will become like a second layer of human skin, leaving the wearer with no discomfort from clothing.

In future, clothing boundary lines will become increasingly blurred. Each garment will have multiple functions because people do not wear clothes for a single occasion. Garments will have breathability, stretch, moisture management and thermal regulation for warmth and cold. These seemingly conflicting features will gradually be integrated into all clothing and will become the norm for daily dress.

Published on: 08/04/2016

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