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How were sales of the footwear industry impacted by Covid?

Still struggling to mop up higher sales

The pandemic-induced lockdowns ensured businesses took a big hit. However, as markets opened up gradually sales began to limp back, largely because of the wedding and festive season. Fibre2Fashion spoke to some footwear brands to know more.

The ongoing crisis of covid-19 has caused immense damage to the footwear industry, particularly that of formal shoes, which are the mainstay of the Alberto Torresi brand. Plans are afoot to get into more product categories, a slightly more into casual line, for example like the Flyknit Collection. There have been colossal moves and changes with the brand's new reach/assortment because of the pandemic. The shift to digital has been witnessed throughout. Virtual fashion shows and department shows will comprise the new normal. Unlike most other consumer categories that either recovered or have seen demand surging after the pandemic-induced lockdown, some discretionary products such as clothing and footwear industry is still struggling to mop up higher sales.

We expected 35-40 per cent loss in business but ended up with a negative 15 per cent overall.

Sales figure was affected as consumption considerably reduced. But once restrictions were lifted, there was a gradual development in demand, especially from to-be brides.

Overall dip in sales was huge in first quarter but as we entered the last quarter, sales stand stabilised and gradually on growth path.

Sales remained almost the same in the short term but have shifted more from offline to online. The recovery period after Covid has covered most of the sale numbers.

This article was first published in the February 2021 edition of the print magazine.

Published on: 09/02/2021

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