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Be the Excel expert at work

Be the Excel expert at work
There comes a time in every individuals’ work life when one has to prepare an excel sheet and deal with operating it. Having a little knowledge of using a program like Excel can put an end to the nightmares of crunching and manipulating data. It might seem like a complicated application and that it might take long hours to complete a simple task but with a few tips and tricks, like the ones listed below, you can work your way through it.
1. Excel allows you to combine different kinds of data from various sources. Generally one uses the copy paste option in order to use data from different sources. Instead, hit the Data tab and pick the Get External Data option to import complex data sets into an excel sheet.
2. A feature that many are unaware of when it comes to Microsoft Excel is the Autofill. This can save a lot of time and save you from the tedious job of entering numbered data manually. 
3. Using a spread sheet to identify formulae used by someone else, to guide you easily, is very simple. All you need to do is press the Show Formulas button. If most of your columns use numbered data and require the same formula for a certain calculation then use Autofill for formulae too.
4. Whether it’s a marketing report or sales analysis, one must remember to make use of the PivotTable tool, which can be found under the Insert Menu. This feature lets you analyse the entered data in a separate sheet in different ways. Rather than spending most of your time formatting and trying different functions in a regular sheet, with PivotTable you can invest time in studying them.
5. To narrow down and dig into information based on a specific criterion may be time consuming. But with the Auto Filter tool, which can be located in the Data Menu and by selecting the Filter option, one can speedily manoeuvre and acquire the desired data.
The above simple guidelines can help you use different techniques at work and show off your Excel skills. Whether it’s preparing reports or analysis prep up your Excel abilities to impress your boss and be more productive.

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